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Infinity: A Bridger’s Origin (Bridgers Series Book 0)

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Infinite worlds. Extreme danger. One fearless woman. Passerina Fowler just wants to be a professional fighter. She has struggled for years to make a name for herself. But then her life abruptly changes when she’s discovered by a recruiter from SafeTrek Bridging, a company that transports clients to alternate versions of Earth. With nothing to... Read More

Chosen: Book 1 of The Beautiful Ones trilogy (The Cassandra Programme Series)

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
When Olivia and DeAnn were recruited into a secretive organization, they had no idea they’d accidentally find themselves on a field mission. Unprepared and unqualified, will they rise up to the challenge? Olivia is a British lawyer trying to start a family with her less than enthusiastic boyfriend. But when her happily-ever-after fails to materialize,... Read More

In Times Passed (Students of Jump Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Brent Garrett is tired of living up to and not living up to everyone’s expectations. Family, friends and the Complex Council are all waiting for the big moment. When he accidentally invents a time travel machine, it seems like the answer to his frustrations, but his friends demand he take the time to make sure... Read More

The Last Roman (The Praetorian Series Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
OFFICIAL EDITED VERSION – 9/16/2013 As war consumes the nations of our world in the year 2021, Navy SEAL Jacob Hunter is sent on a mission to Syria to apprehend a crazed terrorist leader armed with dangerous biological weapons. It’s a routine mission for a man who has spent the entirety of his military career... Read More

Star Crossed: Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Harem Station Book 2)

Start Date: Sep 16, 2019
Twenty years before Serpint brought Queen Corla home to Harem Station she met Crux for the very first time. They were destined to be soul mates but could never be together. All they had was just one night. This is the story of Crux and Corla and how all the outlaw brothers came to reside... Read More

QUANTUM Civil War: (Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 14, 2019
A lifetime lived in under a minute? Impossible, everyone thought.Until now… Click and start reading this epic series today! An Opamari scientist has found away. By cloning a subject and sending the clone back in time, the subject can live the clone’s entire life in less than a minute of sleep. But all actions have... Read More

Looking Backward, 2000–1887

Start Date: Sep 12, 2019
A masterwork of science fiction that imagines the world not just how it could be, but how it should be In Boston in the year 1887, Julian West is hypnotized and falls into a deep sleep. He awakens at the dawn of a new millennium in an America where war, crime, and inequality no longer... Read More

Thunder Mountain: A Thunder Mountain Novel

Start Date: Sep 4, 2019
USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith weaves a science fiction tale of love and survival of two modern professors dealing with the past.Offered a free trip into a remote Idaho wilderness that she loves and studies, Professor Dawn Edwards can’t refuse. On the trip she meets Professor Madison Rogers, and they fall for each... Read More

The Aliomenti Saga Box Set (Books 1-3)

Start Date: Aug 31, 2019
A sprawling blend of science fiction, high technology, and fantasy, The Aliomenti Saga traces the rise and proliferation of a secret group of supernaturally gifted men and women through the life of their most dynamic member, Will Stark. A QUESTION OF WILL (Book 1)Will Stark is a phenomenally successful businessman, happily married, with a young... Read More


Start Date: Aug 30, 2019
In the far future, technology is known as magic. That magic preserves a tenuous peace between two countries in the hands of its seemingly immortal inventor, the Sovereign. But Will Darkwood knows nothing about that. Will lives a simple life by a lake, spending most of his days dreaming of what things are like beyond... Read More

Birth of the Alliance (The Aliomenti Saga – Book 4)

Start Date: Aug 30, 2019
New to the series? Start with The Aliomenti Saga Box Set (Books 1-3).—[Book 4 of 8]Freed from the constraints of the Aliomenti, Will Stark creates a new group, an Alliance of men and women committed to using their Energy skills and technological advances to improve the lives of all. It’s an act of rebellion that won’t... Read More

Quantum Incident (Quantum Series Book 0)

Start Date: Aug 29, 2019
Prologue to the Quantum Series (1 Quantum Space, 2 Quantum Void and 3 Quantum Time) ​The long sought Higgs boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Scientists rejoice in the confirmation of quantum theory, but a reporter attending the press conference believes they may be hiding something.​ ​​Nala Pasquier is a... Read More

The Skipback: A Short Story About Time Travel

Start Date: Aug 24, 2019
Do you want to get a good reading in, but only have 15-20 minutes? Want a full story but don’t want to read for days and days? This short story is for you! Charlotte has been gifted a time travel device that lets her skip back 5 minutes into the past. Traveling back to earlier... Read More


Start Date: Aug 24, 2019
WARNING: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SCIENCE FICTION… A lost treasure more valuable than any ever found. Spanish conquistadors had heard tales of it when exploring the New World. Native South American tribes told of it in their legends; cautioning about the ancient perils which anyone finding it would unleash. During World War 2, Nazi-inspired archaeologists... Read More

kidnapping time in 88 seconds

Start Date: Aug 21, 2019
” Use your time Wise “   One today is worth two tomorrows. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)     b – line theory….. is the flow of time an illusion  past, present, and future is time all equal   does it run in a sequel is it tasteless, touch-less is time real does it heal Read More

Time Control (Pike Gillette Time Travel Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 19, 2019
“The greatest time-travel series I’ve ever read – the only one I’ve ever read, but still!” Pike didn’t sign up for this. And he would ignore it. Except his conscience won’t let him. All he wants . . . Is to finish his senior year.  Like any normal kid. With a minimum of drama. But that would... Read More

The Future of Another Timeline Sneak Peek

Start Date: Jul 17, 2019
Download a FREE sneak peek of The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz!“A revolution is happening in speculative fiction, and Annalee Newitz is leading the vanguard.” — Wil Wheaton From Annalee Newitz, founding editor of io9, comes a story of time travel, murder, and the lengths we’ll go to protect the ones we love.... Read More

The Girl in Time: A Paranormal Mystery Thriller: A Short Story

Start Date: Jul 16, 2019
“A fascinating short story” – Yves★★★★★ Deep in the forest a fracture in time creates a collision of the past and present, resulting in a puzzling mystery and a race to survive for Rebecca. The summer holiday was supposed to be a peaceful break from the long college year, but it didn’t quite work out... Read More

Minutemen (The Guardians of Time Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 9, 2019
TOMORROW TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE. YESTERDAY A MADMAN SEEKS TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE. NOW ONE WOMAN AND HER TEAM OF TIME TRAVELERS WILL NEED TO STOP HIM… America, 2074. Kaylan Smith will soon graduate and embark on the career she was groomed for. Until an executive from the corporation that rules half the world offers... Read More

Knot in Time (Tales of Uncertainty Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 6, 2019
My name is Darius Arthur Heisenberg, but most people call me Dare. If my last name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of my great-great uncle Werner Heisenberg. He was a physicist who came up with something called the Uncertainty Principle. But listen, Uncle Werner had no idea how uncertain things really are. I work for... Read More

Linkage (The Narrows of Time Series Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 3, 2019
Revolutionary Technology. Risky Experiments. Interstellar War. Physicist Lucas Ramsay hoped to usher in a new technological age of deep space exploration. However, instead of advancing science, his antigravity reactor triggers mass casualties across his home state. But the deadliest aftershock will come from beyond the stars when the ground-breaking experiment destabilizes an intergalactic realm belonging... Read More

1776: The Washington Divergence (Infinity Engines: Missions Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 29, 2019
What if George Washington was killed before taking office? The year is 1776. New York is on fire. The British fleet are in the harbor, and Special Agent John Anderson still can’t believe he’s here… It began when the FBI counter-terrorism system picked up suspicious activity at Mount Vernon. Anderson was assigned to find out... Read More

Revenge Of The Hrym: A Time Travel Adventure (Friendship Series Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 28, 2019
A mysterious mission. An alien psychopath. One last chance to save humanity. Lord Stiletto travels through space and time, fighting for the balance of good and evil. As comfortable in combat as at his dining table with friends, he understands the true value of friendship, and the magic of life. Criminal mastermind, The Hrym, sits... Read More

The First

Start Date: Jun 23, 2019
1645. Naseby, England. Baroness De Meaux lives a comfortable life and is content with where she fits into the hierarchy of society. She was groomed for the story she’s telling but several things set her apart from everyone around her. When her mother passes away suddenly, the visions she hides from the world—the ones that... Read More

Revolution (A Wealth of Time Prequel)

Start Date: Jun 16, 2019
A chance at a new life. An indifferent wife. An innocent daughter. Chris Speidel is wanted by an unknown organization. They recruit him to join their cause, offering a life of luxury and riches. But the offer comes at a steep price. With his life at a crossroads, Chris must decide between a future of... Read More

Timelines: Two First-In-Series Novels (Out of Time & Jacks Are Wild)

Start Date: Jun 9, 2019
This set contains two first-in-series full length novels: Out of Time (Book #1) and Jacks Are Wild (Book #1) Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Out of Time, Book 1) Mystery, romance and adventure… Professor Simon Cross has spent his life searching for evidence of vampires and avoiding emotional entanglements. When a mysterious accident... Read More

The Game (The Game is Life Book 1)

Start Date: May 31, 2019
He didn’t know he was playing. Zack was just living his life. It was really a game. When he started to ask questions, everything changed. Zack wasn’t supposed to figure it out. He could ruin everything. Zack was disoriented when he woke up. They had welcomed him back. He didn’t know where he’d been. He... Read More

Uncommon Purpose (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 1)

Start Date: May 18, 2019
Following the bloody war between the Athenian Republic and the Pruessen Empire, an uneasy peace has settled over the region of space known as The Tunguska Fault. The Telford family’s independent trading vessel, the Belinda is captured by Pruessen slavers and the crew forced into a life of brutal servitude. Their desperate bid for freedom... Read More

A Question of Will (The Aliomenti Saga – Book 1)

Start Date: May 13, 2019
[Book 1 of 8]They murdered his wife and son. They burned down his house. They beat him within an inch of his life. And then they realized they had the wrong man. They should have killed him when they had the chance. Will Stark is a self-made multi-billionaire, happily married and a proud father. He... Read More

Gypsy’s Quest: A time travel romance (Gypsy series Book 1)

Start Date: May 13, 2019
Outlander fans will LOVE this series! Just add Norse mythology and some fantasy. Gertrude is about to embark on the roller coaster ride of her life! Not only has her baby been kidnapped by a sorceress, but she’s also falling in love with a sailor who disappears with alarming regularity. And his sailboat is magical... Read More

Preserving Hope (The Aliomenti Saga – Book 2)

Start Date: May 13, 2019
New to the series? Start with A Question of Will.—[Book 2 of 8]It was his mission to save her life. But first… he’d need to convince her that hers was a life worth saving. Will Stark finds himself on a mission. He must use his new Energy abilities – abilities long thought the realm of magic... Read More

Conflict (Crossover Series)

Start Date: May 10, 2019
While working on a dude ranch in present day Montana, Joe Kuruk saves a young girl from a club-wielding warrior. His confusion is intensified when he realizes that the girl, Alta, has crossed over from another time and place.And the only way to reunite her with her family is to cross back with her.Accompanied by... Read More

The Million Year Journey (The Legend of the Locust Book 2)

Start Date: May 4, 2019
Book Two in “The Legend of the Locust” Trilogy. The Sequel to “The Fourth World” leads our heroes: Fintan, Zack and Ayako to the other side of the universe in the adventure of a lifetime! The events on Mars have shaken Fintan to his very core. He hears Nizhoni’s voice in his head, and thinks... Read More

Don’t Turn On The Light: A short story

Start Date: Apr 1, 2019
When Frank, Shelley and their two young children move into the home of their dreams, they discover a problem with the cellar. It doesn’t take them long to find out why the house was sold at a knock-down price… ‘I really loved this. In just a few pages, the author manages to create a unique... Read More

Coronado Dreaming (The Silver Strand Series Book 1)

Start Date: Oct 25, 2018
Love isn’t dead… it’s just unconscious. Two soul-mates meet on a perfect San Diego day, and before they have a chance to see each other again, Greg, through a quirk of fate, finds himself in the strange, dreamlike world of a coma. A world where all possibilities coexist, and the future, past and present are... Read More