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What Is Faith? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
We often hear people say, “Just have a little faith.” But what is faith? Is it a blind leap into the dark? Believing something without evidence? How does the Bible define faith? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks to Hebrews 11 for a biblical definition of faith: believing God and living by His Word.... Read More

What Is Repentance? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
All people have sinned and broken God’s law. None of us are good (Rom. 3:10). And as a result of our sin, God commands us to repent. But what does repentance look like? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at several people in the Bible and how they give us a model of repentance.... Read More

Can I Be Sure I’m Saved? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Many people in the church today are plagued by doubts about their salvation. However, it’s not only possible for Christians to be sure that they are saved; it’s their duty to make their calling and election sure (2 Peter 1:10). In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul seeks to help believers reach this goal. In short,... Read More

Are These the Last Days? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Wars, rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, international upheaval—Jesus said all of these things would be signs of His return. It sounds like Jesus was describing our own time, but was He really predicting the events that we see in the news every day? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at Jesus’ prophecies to consider... Read More

What Can We Know about God? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Jesus said that knowing God is essential. The fact that God exists is obvious from creation, but in order to know who God is, we must learn what He has revealed about Himself in the Bible. In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains what Scripture teaches about God’s nature, will, and attributes, presenting a glorious... Read More

How Should I Think about Money? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Jesus taught more often on money than He did on love or on heaven and hell combined. Why? It’s because money is one of the chief competitors for our affections. He warned, “You cannot serve God and money.” How, then, should we view an>d use money? How should we understand and participate in the economy?... Read More

What Is the Trinity? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
The Bible teaches that God is one in substance and three in person—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although the Trinity is clearly taught in the Bible, it has been attacked throughout church history, and many Christians today have not studied this foundational doctrine. In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul carefully explains the... Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
When Jesus said to the Jewish leader Nicodemus, “You must be born again,” Nicodemus asked in astonishment, “How can these things be?” Some two thousand years later, people are still confused about the term “born again,” though more people than ever claim to have had the experience. In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul cuts through... Read More

What Is Baptism? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Christians agree that baptism is an essential practice in the church, and they also agree that it does not in itself save people from their sins. But why is there disagreement when it comes to whom should be baptized and how? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul introduces us to the sacrament of baptism and... Read More

What Is the Great Commission? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
After His resurrection, Jesus gave His followers a mission: to go to all the nations and make disciples. What does this Great Commission mean? How are disciples made? And does every Christian have a role to play? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the Great Commission by defining key terms such as the gospel,... Read More

What Is the Lord’s Supper? (Crucial Questions)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
On the night He was betrayed, Jesus shared a final meal with His disciples. What was so significant about this meal, and what is its ongoing importance in the life of the church? In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains the origins of what we now call the Lord’s Supper and the meaning behind the... Read More

What I Wish I Knew Before 30: Life Lessons To Inspire You To Greatness(Alpha) (Inspiring Stories Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
“I never had a parent who shared such life changing stories with me”Brenda LLoris, CA If you could have first hand information of decisions taken by others, their implications and consequences and how they resolved those consequences where possible, would you be guided by those lessons? This book delves straight into the lives of individuals... Read More

Conversations With God

Start Date: Sep 18, 2019
*This book is taken from the blog of the author and was, therefore, not originally written to become a full-length book. It is short and is presented as the articles were in their online format. “Suzanne?” “Yes, God?” —– From the devotionals of best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS, a clever take on having an intimate... Read More

The Unseen Realm: An Introduction To The Realm Of The Supernatural

Start Date: Sep 18, 2019
*** Another Results-producing masterpiece by Best Selling Author Francis Jonah*** When things seem tough and unpredictable in the physical realm, you need to switch to the spirit realm for easy victory. Many people are stuck in the physical realm and struggling when they shouldn’t. It is wrong to suffer discomfort when provision has been made... Read More

Buddhism For Beginners: Bring Peace And Happiness To Your Everyday Life

Start Date: Sep 18, 2019
Looking For Inner Peace & Happiness?Are you looking to become a Buddhist?Want to learn about Buddhism and whether or not it’s the right path for you? The teachings of the Buddha are plain and straightforward, and because they remain focused on the moment they are just as relevant now as they have ever been. Buddhism... Read More

God Encounters: The Prophetic Power Of The Supernatural To Change Your Life

Start Date: Sep 18, 2019
GOD ENCOUNTERS ARE FOR EVERYONE! Every sincere seeker of the Lord can have God encounters! Journey with James and Michal Ann Goll as they share how they discovered a lifestyle of God encounters. You will enjoy a new depth of fellowship with God as you find yourself enjoying a new and refreshing intimacy with your... Read More

Discipleship in the School of Christ

Start Date: Sep 18, 2019
There is no doubt whatever that Jesus created a revolution. Of course, some people would not have it, for it was too revolutionary for them. But others said: “Never man spake like this man” (John 7:46 – A.V.). And it is said of Him that “He taught them as having authority, and not as the... Read More

Agni Yoga

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Agni Yoga is the fourth book from the Agni Yoga Series which is composed of fourteen books. In them is found a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism—but... Read More

Beyond Today Magazine: When Heaven Comes to Earth

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Beyond Today Magazine — September/October 2019 — Mankind has long dreamed of a peaceful planet—a utopian earth no longer plagued by war, unrest, poverty, disease and corrupt government. But in spite of our best efforts, man has never been able to create lasting peace. The problem is that our problems are spiritual and they need... Read More

Romancing Redemption (The Redemption Series Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 16, 2019
The daughter of an outlaw, the heir to one of Montana’s largest ranches, and a romance that secrets can’t undo… Rosie Scott’s father is one of the worst gang leaders in THE WEST. She just wants to live her life without worrying where the next meal is going to come from–or who’s going to show... Read More

Romance in the Mountains: A fifteen-minute, inspiring read

Start Date: Sep 15, 2019
FREE audio book for you inside A short and inspirational story. Love and romance in the serene and beautiful mountains.Jack and Rebecca are up in the beautiful mountains, to take time out to talk about their future dreams of a life together. An unexpected storm comes up out of nowhere. How will they weather this... Read More

Fuel Your Faith: A Practical Guide to Igniting a Healthy Spirituality

Start Date: Sep 15, 2019
Does your faith need rekindled? Do you spend your days disconnected from God and yearn for a closer relationship with him? Too often Christians live a lukewarm existence mired in a rut of unfulfilled restlessness. How do we live with a vibrant faith? Fuel Your Faith – a Practical Guide to Igniting a Healthy Spirituality... Read More

The Parable of the Father and the Son

Start Date: Sep 14, 2019
The children of an abusive father, guided by the Firstborn, come together to learn the meaning of God and the value of community. This booklet outlines the philosophy of a new, utilitarian form of Christian dualism. Read More

Illustrated Bible Verses: Volume 21

Start Date: Sep 14, 2019
This One-of-a-Kind Photo Book Is Just What You Need! You’ve been meaning to read your Bible, but there just isn’t enough time or you don’t know where to begin. Why not start now with this short ebook? It combines the awesome and inspiring Word of God with unique and engaging photos that harmonize with the... Read More

Christ upon the Cross

Start Date: Sep 14, 2019
Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Articles in this edition of the FGB include: The Meaning of Christ’s Cross, by J. C. Ryle (1816-1900): The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, by F. W. Krummacher (1796-1868): The Glory of the Cross, S. Duytsch: an extended exposition of Paul’s gospel of grace and the reason he gloried in... Read More

Getting a Grip on Simple Goalsetting

Start Date: Sep 14, 2019
Do you ever think, ‘I’m not sure how to set goals. I’ll look into it one day – when I’ve got more time.’? Here’s the thing. More than 80 percent (including those who’ve already done some goalsetting in the past) don’t have a current list of clear goals. And amongst those who do have current... Read More

A Peculiar Treasure: The Enduring Legacy of Herbert & Loma Armstrong

Start Date: Sep 13, 2019
A woman’s personal conviction to begin keeping the seventh-day Sabbath in 1926 would challenge her husband to begin an intensive study to prove her wrong. That study would spawn a new religious movement under Herbert W. Armstrong. A fledgling group would form in 1934, and an audacious media operation would make the Radio Church of... Read More

Honest Faith: Or, The Clue of the Maze

Start Date: Sep 12, 2019
My soul, rest thou only in God, for my hope is from him. – Psalm 62:5 The paragraphs of this little book are not supposed to be an argument. It was not my aim to convince an opponent but to assist a friend. How I have personally threaded the labyrinth of life thus far may... Read More

50 Classic Christian Poems

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019
50 Classic Christian Poems is a genuine modern day Christian classic! With 50 touching poems based on real Christian issues in life. The modernist would love this and the more traditional will be refreshed with new rhyme.. This is a must download to read to your church, prayer meeting, afternoon program or just in silent... Read More

111 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019
Journaling can be a great way to work through challenging situations, figure out what you truly want out of life, and discover how you got to where you are. But just staring at a blank page, unsure what to write about, won’t get you anywhere. That’s where journaling prompts come in. This brief e-book contains... Read More


Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
Released is a fresh perspective on the familiar Old Testament story of a young woman from the wrong town who was raised to believe in the wrong god. Then God housed his extravagant passion within the frail heart of an embittered Jewish woman who inadvertently carried His invitation right up to this Moabite girl’s door.... Read More

SEE YOU AT THE TOP: What You Need to Do

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
We are called not just to survive but to make impact on earth. There are high achievers in every sphere of life However, this takes Vision, Knowledge, Commitment and Sacrifice to get things done. This book shows you a way out of how you need to apply these myths so you can emerge a leader... Read More

What Is God? Part 1 of the Theology In the Biblical Evolution Revolution Series

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
Brings Biblical opposing viewpoints to the traditional monotheistic, trinitarian, beliefs of God. Other long held cornerstones of the establishment are also challenged such as the gender and sexuality of God. The Big-Bang is used as a source for creation and understanding the composition of God, Divine Beings (Angels and Demons) as well as Heaven, Hell,... Read More

A Journey of Faith: An Eternal Love Story

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1. Faith is based on hope! Many have the wrong image of Father God, and therefore do not feel they can put their hope in Him, especially when they are going through challenging times in their lives. In... Read More

The Gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Christian Discipleship Series Book 4)

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
The gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit are both supernatural expressions of God and intended to encourage and comfort the body of Christ, but they are different in many respects. Because of unbelief and ignorance, the church has two common problems concerning the spiritual gifts – either a lack of use of the... Read More

25 Classic Christian Poems

Start Date: Sep 9, 2019
25 Classic Christian Poems about real life experience in a poetic expression for an inspirational read and to contribute to prayer meetings and bible studies. Instant poetry pleasure! The AppleSpiritual EngineeringDenominationsGroom & BrideUnitedThe GardenLaw giverEternal lifePhysicsPoetic morphingThe chordOld foeFriendsThe DiscipleGang relatedFamily wrongCosmic balanceDeep rootedBitter & sweetBitter & sweetSoon comeThe TreeSleeping planetWalkingBending Time Read More

Wicca: Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Cultivating Real Wiccan Beliefs, Magic and Ritual into Your Life (Wiccan Spells – Witchcraft – Wicca Traditions – Wiccan Love Spells – Paganism – Candle Magic)

Start Date: Sep 8, 2019
Free Wicca Bonus Book Included Learn everything you need to know about Wicca and aligning yourself with the natural world. This book is going to show you the charming and beautiful beliefs of Wicca and how you can learn to embody them in your daily life This book is a great start for anyone who... Read More

A Life for Christ: What the Normal Christian Life Should Look Like

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
It would be good that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them! – Numbers 11:29 Previously titled To the Work! To the Work! In the church today, we have everything buttoned up perfectly. The music is flawless, the sermon well-prepared and smoothly delivered, and the grounds... Read More