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Wellness in Whiteness (Open Access): Biomedicalization and the Promotion of Whiteness and Youth among Women (Routledge Research in Gender and Society)

Start Date: Oct 11, 2019
The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. This book analyses the social and ethical implications of the globalization of emerging skin-whitening and anti-ageing biotechnology. Using an intersectional theoretical framework and a content analysis methodology drawn from cultural studies, the... Read More

Honestly – A Book About Sex for Christians

Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
Honestly – A Book About Sex for Christians addresses the difficulties, struggles and wonder of sexuality and sexual relationships for Christians with humor and grace. Copeland offers clear and detailed information on physiology and sexual anatomy and response, but also discusses the importance of history and theology of sexuality. In addition, he tackles difficult issues... Read More

How To Be Good At Sex: How To Push Your Partners Buttons, How To Have A Crazy Sex Life And How To Be Good At Sex Every Time! (How To Be Good At Sex, Sex Positions)

Start Date: Jul 18, 2019
NEW! – 2nd Edition with MORE Added Content! Spice Up Your Sex Life And Be The Best Lover You Can Be! You’re about to discover how to improve your relationship by having mind blowing sex with your partner. After a while, in relationships, things can get stale if you don’t keep your sex life exciting.... Read More

The Oldest Vocation: Christian Motherhood in the Medieval West

Start Date: Jun 19, 2019
According to an old story, a woman concealed her sex and ruled as pope for a few years in the ninth century. Pope Joan was not betrayed by a lover or discovered by an enemy; her downfall came when she went into labor during a papal procession through the streets of Rome. From the myth... Read More

50 Sex Tips for Him and Her

Start Date: Jun 16, 2019
50 Sex Tips for Him and Her: The Lovers’ Guide to Ultimate Pleasure.Discover 50 tricks you can use to add a touch of eroticism to your love life. Let your sensuality take over and use your languorous caresses to drive your partner crazy with desire…A little collection of sexy, naughty tips anyone can use! Read More

The Top 100 Intimate Items for Lovers: Presented by Sexy Challenges

Start Date: May 29, 2019
Sexy Challenges Top 100 Products Sex is amazing, Sex is Fun, Sexy is out of this world However, it can always get better! Sexy Challenges knows that there is not limit to the sexual energy you can experience. However, a good majority of people out there do not have any clue what products are out... Read More

Men’s Experiences of Violence in Intimate Relationships (Palgrave Studies in Victims and Victimology)

Start Date: Jan 28, 2019
This open access book draws on a broad study on violence against men, from both male and female partners in Norway, to contribute to the research on intimate partner violence. It identifies similarities in men’s experiences and backgrounds, including in their perceptions of their own victimisation. Marianne Inez Lien and Jørgen Lorentzen argue that the... Read More