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Behold the Sign: Ancient Symbolism (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Oct 14, 2019
What were the Sacred Traditions said to have been revealed to Moses—and never spoken by the ancient Hebrews? What were the forces of nature discovered by the Egyptian priesthood and embodied in strange symbols—symbols which became the ever-living knowledge which built King Solomon’s Temple, and which found their way into the secret teachings of every... Read More

Cosmic Mission Fulfilled (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Oct 3, 2019
This illustrated biography of Harvey Spencer Lewis, Imperator of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, was written in response to many requests from Rosicrucians and others who sought the key to this mystic-philosopher’s life mission of rekindling the ancient flame of Wisdom in the Western world. We view his triumphs and tribulations from the viewpoint... Read More

Practical Mysticism (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Aug 11, 2019
In Practical Mysticism author Edward Lee answers typical questions that have been asked of correspondents, instructors, and official representatives of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, over his thirty years of employment at the organization’s headquarters in San Jose, California. Among the many pertinent subjects covered are reincarnation, karma, the role of freedom in our lives, how... Read More

Mental Poisoning (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jul 23, 2019
Tortured souls. Human beings, whose self-confidence and peace of mind have been torn to shreds by invisible darts—the evil thoughts of others. Can envy, hate, and jealousy be projected through space from the mind of another? Do poisoned thoughts like mysterious rays reach through the ethereal realm to claim innocent victims? Will wishes and commands... Read More

Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jul 19, 2019
A unique presentation of the mysterious Cosmic cycles that influence the personal, social, business, financial, and other affairs of our daily lives, accompanied with tables and a system whereby each one may easily work out the periods of each year and of each life when there are favorable and unfavorable times for mastering the problems... Read More

The Universe of Numbers (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jul 11, 2019
From antiquity, the strangest of systems attempting to reveal the universe has been that of numbers. This book goes back to the mystical meaning and inherent virtue of numbers. It discusses the Qabalistic writings contained in the Sepher Yezirah, and correlates the teachings of Pythagoras, Plato, Hermes Trismegistus, Philo, Plotinus, Boehme, Bacon, Fludd, and others... Read More

Through the Mind’s Eye (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jul 1, 2019
This collection of nineteen essays covers a wide range of philosophical concepts. As you will discover, truth is elusive as it varies from one person to another; and it is never static as it changes even within the individual’s life though the expansion of consciousness and knowledge. Read More

The Immortalized Words of the Past (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jul 1, 2019
This collection of inspired writings represents the vast body of knowledge reflecting the advancement of humanity through the ages. Presented in chronological order so that you may discern the pattern of human evolution, each excerpt is accompanied by a biographical sketch of its author. Some of these enlightened personalities were honored during their lifetimes as... Read More

The Mystic Path (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 20, 2019
Former Rosicrucian Grand Master Andrea discusses subjects of particular importance to all people traveling on the mystical path. This informative and inspirational work will guide you across the threshold of mystical initiation. The author provides insights into the states of consciousness and experiences you may have as you travel the mystic path. It is filled... Read More

Mystic Wisdom (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 17, 2019
Overflowing with inspiration for both the heart and the soul. The joyful reflections this beautiful book contains transcend religion and draw from the teachings of renowned mystics from antiquity to the present. Whether you seek knowledge of the great mysteries or answers to the everyday questions of life, delve into Mystic Wisdom. Contemplate the wisdom... Read More

The Initiatory Process in Ancient Egypt (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 17, 2019
Rosicrucian Egyptologist Max Guilmot presents the mystical meaning of some of the most important rites and rituals of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. Dr. Max Guilmot was a Belgian Egyptologist on the staff of the Fondation Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth, Brussels. He was also a Corresponding Member of the Revue de l’Historie des Religions, Paris, and... Read More

Mystics at Prayer (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 3, 2019
A compilation of the famous prayers of the renowned mystics and adepts of all ages. The book “Mystics at Prayer” explains in simple language the reason of prayer, how to pray, and the Cosmic laws involved. You come to learn the real efficacy of prayer and its full beauty dawns upon you. Whatever your religious... Read More

Son of the Sun: The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton, King of Egypt (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Mar 6, 2019
The amazing story of Akhnaton (Amenhotep IV ), Pharaoh of Egypt 1360 B.C. This is not just the fascinating story of a man’s life— it is far more. It raises the curtain on man’s emerging from superstition and idolatry. Against the tremendous opposition of a fanatical and politically corrupt priesthood, Akhnaton brought about the world’s... Read More

Master of the Rose Cross (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jan 11, 2019
Harvey Spencer Lewis was born in New Jersey on November 25, 1883, of Welsh heritage and Methodist parents. He received an excellent education and a fine upbringing. From a very early age, he underwent mystical experiences which already indicated his exceptional destiny. For several years, he was the president of the New York Institute for... Read More

What to Eat… And When (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jan 7, 2019
“Mind over matter” is not a trite phrase. Your moods, your temperament, your very thoughts can and do affect digestion. Are you overweight-or underweight? Appearances, even the scales, are not always reliable. Your age, your gender, the kind of work you do-all these factors determine whether your weight is correct or wrong for you. Do... Read More

The Mystical Life of Jesus (Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Dec 2, 2018
This fascinating, non-sectarian treatment of the unknown life of Jesus is based on records preserved in the archives of ancient monasteries of the Essenes and the Rosicrucian Order.
 It is a full account of the birth, youth, early manhood, and later periods of Jesus’ life, containing the story of his activities in the times not... Read More

Glands – Our Invisible Guardians (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Aug 29, 2018
You need not continue to be bound to those glandular characteristics of your life which do not please you. These influences, through the findings of science and the mystical principles of nature, may be adjusted. The first essential is that of the old adage: “Know Yourself.” Have revealed the facts about the endocrine glands—know where... Read More

The Technique of the Disciple (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Aug 3, 2018
The Technique of the Disciple is a book containing a modern description of the ancient esoteric path to spiritual illumination, trod by the masters and avatars of yore. It has long been said that Christ left, as a great heritage to members of His secret council, a private method for guidance in life, which method... Read More

Unto Thee I Grant (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Aug 3, 2018
Out of the mysteries of the past comes this antique book that was written two thousand years ago, but was hidden in manuscript form from the eyes of the world and given only to the Initiates of the temples in Tibet to study privately. It can be compared only with the writings attributed to Solomon... Read More

Mansions of the Soul (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Aug 2, 2018
The definitive work on reincarnation and the soul, this Rosicrucian classic explains all about the soul and its cycles of reincarnation. The ideas expressed here will remove from your consciousness any fear of so-called death. Reincarnation is one of the world’s most disputed doctrine. The belief in reincarnation has had millions of intelligent, learned, and... Read More

The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 20, 2018
The world’s greatest mystery and first wonder is the Great Pyramid. It stands as a monument to the learning and achievements of the ancients. For centuries its secrets were closeted in stone—now they stand revealed. Within the pages of this enlightening book are the answers to many enthralling questions—the history, vast wisdom, and prophecies of... Read More

Mental Alchemy (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 12, 2018
We can transmute our problems to workable solutions through mental alchemy. While this process is neither easy nor instantaneously effective, eventually the serious person will be rewarded. Certain aspects of our lives can be altered to make them more compatible with our goals. Use this book to alter the direction of your life through proper... Read More

Herbalism Through the Ages (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Start Date: Jun 4, 2018
The seemingly magical power of herbs endowed them with a divine essence to the mind of early humans. Not only did they provide some of our earliest foods and become medicines for our illnesses but they also symbolized certain of our emotions and psychic feelings. This book presents the romantic history of herbs and their... Read More