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1953 – Sermons of William Marrion Branham

Start Date: Nov 25, 2019
Sermons of William Marrion Branham1953 Have you ever read your Bible and wondered where is the God of Elijah Who called down the Pillar of Fire or raised up the dead? Why don’t we have prophets today like we read about in the Bible? Where are the miracles that were always present with every true... Read More

1964 – Sermons of William Marrion Branham

Start Date: Nov 21, 2019
Sermons of William Marrion Branham 1964 Have you ever read your Bible and wondered where is the God of Elijah Who called down the Pillar of Fire or raised up the dead? Why don’t we have prophets today like we read about in the Bible? Where are the miracles that were always present with every... Read More

The Positive Thinking Secret

Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO START FEELING AMAZING EVERY DAY. What would it be like to stop feeling blindsided by life? To wake up feeling thrilled to be alive regardless of your circumstances? To feel happy and at peace even when all hell is breaking loose around you? You’re... Read More

Simplify Your Pursuit of Success (Six Simple Steps to Success Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
Find the Success You’ve Been Searching For What is it you’ve yearned to BE? A writer? An entrepreneur? A great parent? What is it you’ve longed to DO? Leave a legacy? Change a piece of the world? Change yourself? Maybe you’ve come to believe that success is only for others, and not for you. Don’t... Read More


Start Date: Oct 22, 2019
Siddhartha is a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of a man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. The book, Hesse’s ninth novel, was written in German, in a simple, lyrical style. It was published in the U.S. in 1951 and became influential during the... Read More

The Crown of Sanctity: On the Revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta

Start Date: Oct 21, 2019
2,000 years ago, the Son of God prayed to His Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” This prayer, the greatest ever uttered by the lips of man, will not go unanswered. Jesus has revealed to an Italian mystic named Luisa that the time has now at last arrived for... Read More

The Little Book of Christmas Spirit

Start Date: Oct 20, 2019
Bestselling LDS author John Hilton III shows us that there is much more to Christmas than Santa Claus. Do you know why we decorate the tree? What have latter-day prophets asked us to do at Christmastime? What gifts would the Savior want us to give this season? In The Little Book of Christmas Spirit, John... Read More

Amen and Good Morning, God: A Book of Morning Prayers

Start Date: Oct 18, 2019
“God is our able guide. He awaits our invitation to walk with us daily,” reads the introduction to this volume of 120 morning prayers. The prayers deal with down-to-earth concerns such as forgiveness, sorrow, faithfulness and stress. They are simple, honest longings from the heart. These morning prayers can encourage you to release the concerns... Read More

111 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care

Start Date: Oct 9, 2019
Journaling can be a great way to work through challenging situations, figure out what you truly want out of life, and discover how you got to where you are. But just staring at a blank page, unsure what to write about, won’t get you anywhere. That’s where journaling prompts come in. This brief e-book contains... Read More

Agni Yoga

Start Date: Oct 1, 2019
Agni Yoga is the fourth book from the Agni Yoga Series which is composed of fourteen books. In them is found a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism—but... Read More

A Course In Spiritual Philosophy

Start Date: Sep 24, 2019
Madam Amanda Valiant was offering the information contained in this book as acorrespondence course but she passed to the highest realms while working on themonthly lessons. Each of the sixteen lessons has formed the content of a differentchapter in the book that was completed by Alan Valiant, Amanda’s husband. Amandaand Alan, after developing an efficient... Read More

Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming Their Worlds

Start Date: Aug 23, 2019
Simply wringing your hands over the state of the world is not going to change anything. It’s real action that changes the world, and this book gives the reader advice from people who wake up every day and do the hard work of building peace. Bravo! – Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate This volume... Read More

Radical Compassion: Shambhala Publications Authors on the Path of Boundless Love

Start Date: Aug 23, 2019
What is compassion? Much more than just being nice, compassion is about looking deeply at ourselves and others and recognizing the fundamental goodness we all share. It’s about opening up to the vulnerable space inside every one of us and letting our barriers down. And it’s about daring to be present to ourselves and others... Read More

Leaves of Morya’s Garden I (The Call)

Start Date: Aug 23, 2019
Leaves of Morya’s Garden I (The Call) is the first book from the Agni Yoga Series which is composed of fourteen books. In them is found a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path not of... Read More

Following Christ [Annotated, Updated]: Losing Your Life for His Sake

Start Date: Aug 22, 2019
Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your slave. – Matthew 20:27 You cannot have Christ if you will not serve Him. If you take Christ, you must take Him in all His qualities. You must not simply take Him as a Friend, but you must also take Him as your Master. If... Read More

The Size of Your Dreams: A Novel that Transforms Lives

Start Date: Aug 9, 2019
What if you could transform your life, your health, your relationships, your finances, and your self-image in just five minutes a day? What if you could learn to do all of that while being engrossed in a story that brings the techniques you’ll need to life? Introducing a groundbreaking novel that’s been compared to The... Read More

Learning to Pray

Start Date: Jul 29, 2019
Prayer moves heaven and earth! ˃˃˃ Do you not believe that? Consider Elijah, whose prayers halted rain for more than three years. Or the believers of the early Church, whose prayers released the chains that bound Peter in prison. No special formulas were used to yield these results. These were just simple men and women... Read More

Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life

Start Date: Jul 24, 2019
Are you new to the Catholic spiritual life? Stuck in a rut? Not sure how you can grow closer to God? Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life will give you direction. St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and St. Therese of Lisieux will show you five vital... Read More

How to Find Happiness (Easwaran Inspirations Book 3)

Start Date: Jul 19, 2019
Learn how to find true happiness by learning to live selflessly. Easwaran is one of the twentieth century’s great spiritual teachers and an authentic guide to timeless wisdom. He shows that true happiness is based on a paradox, which is why it is so hard to find. As long as we try to make ourselves... Read More

Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out

Start Date: Jul 11, 2019
We are living in a time of transformation. Old ways are fading. New ways are emerging. There is an increasing focus within. Many of us are feeling a desire to create a new direction for our lives. Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out uses nature’s process of Chrysalis- a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly... Read More

Emotionally Bulletproof Scott’s Story – Book 2

Start Date: Jun 29, 2019
Are Your Relationships Helping You Or Holding You Back? As his own family turns on him, Scott Calloway has trouble answering this question. After saving his aunt from her abusive husband, Scott finds himself managing her construction company. With the danger of becoming a target of his abusive uncle, and those still loyal to him,... Read More

War Room Strategies: Developing Effectual Prayers for God’s Glory

Start Date: Jun 20, 2019
Are your prayers being answered?Do you even know what to pray?Deep down inside, do you feel that prayer is too passive to really accomplish much? If these questions gave you pause, welcome to a new day! War Room Strategies offers a step-by-step, Bible-based approach to prayer that will revolutionize your prayer life! With the Holy... Read More

His Holiness The Dalai Lama: A Message of Spiritual Wisdom

Start Date: Jun 19, 2019
“I always consider myself as a simple Buddhist monk. I feel that is the real me. I feel that the Dalai Lama as a temporal ruler is a man-made institution. As long as the people accept the Dalai Lama, they will accept me. But being a monk is something which belongs to me. No one... Read More

7 Cups for the Searching Soul

Start Date: Jun 14, 2019
This book is designed to transform your life by changing the way you view yourself and the world. It draws on proven research, healing traditions, and what we learned at 7 Cups, the world’s largest emotional support system. This short and powerful book is jammed with insights. It will take you out of your current... Read More

The Narratives: Keeping The Soul Alive

Start Date: Jun 6, 2019
The Narratives series of works is a collection of short introspective essays written by an average guy in an effort to better understand himself, his life, and his relationship with the world around him while traveling the road of self-discovery. These works can best be described as the author’s unique brand of journaling, encompassing both... Read More

Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence

Start Date: May 29, 2019
It is possible to experience the mysterious truth that everything is an expression of the Divine by paying close attention to the many signs that reveal this great Mystery. Radiance points out these clues so that you can more easily recognize yourself as the Divine, as that which is creating and has created this you... Read More

How to Meditate (Easwaran Inspirations Book 1)

Start Date: May 26, 2019
Would you like better concentration, more vitality and creativity, more patience and inner strength? Daily meditation can help you develop these qualities. Easwaran taught meditation for over forty years, and his instructions are practical and clear. He shows you how to choose a spiritual text, or passage, from the world’s great traditions that embodies your... Read More

Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society–Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

Start Date: May 25, 2019
In times of crisis, we are forced to reexamine our ways and ponder our future. It is in this framework that we need to consider our present economic plight and the charting of our path forward. In his penetrating analysis of contemporary society, author John Horvat focuses on the present crisis with great insight and... Read More

The Definitive Values Book: A self-help guide to assist you in finding better morals, principals, and overall standards for yourself.

Start Date: May 17, 2019
Personal growth is what ‘The Definitive Values Book’ is all about! There’s nothing more empowering than having your value system organized and logically set into a system that never fails you. After reading, you’ll get that and more! You’ll understand the keys to self-improvement on a wholesale level that propels you into your respective future... Read More

20 Beautiful Women, Volume 1: 20 Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion, And Inspire Your Divine Purpose

Start Date: May 1, 2019
“20 Beautiful Women: 20 Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion And Inspire Your Divine Purpose” is a collection of personal short stories from 20 authors, speakers, and life coaches bonding together for the common goal of sisterhood, and to transform women from the inside out. award-winning best-selling author Saba Tekle has... Read More