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Romance in the Mountains: A very short, inspiring story

FREE audio book for you insideA very short and very sweet love story. Love and romance in the serene and beautiful mountains.Jack and Rebecca are up in the beautiful mountains, to take time out to talk about their future dreams of a life together. An unexpected storm comes up out of nowhere. How will they...

Rise: A Collection Inspired by Lift

In celebration of the Kindle version release of LIFT, an award-winning falconry memoir, author Rebecca K. O’Connor shares a complementary collection of essays, short stories and poetry that further examines life in the shadow of a raptor’s wings. LIFT, Rebecca K. O’Connor’s arresting memoir of love, loss, relationships and one impossible peregrine falcon is further...

My Country: Essays and Stories from the Edge of Wilderness

Back-to-the-land memoir weaves essay, story, nature and magic realism, homesteading and wilderness survival. My Country expands the containers of essay and story, adventure and lyric, naturalism and fantasy, to overlap and mingle in this collection unified in its spirit of place, the forests and mountains of interior British Columbia.