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Alexander: A Seventh Son Novel (McClains Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 15, 2019
Madelina is the youngest daughter of a Norman conqueror and a woman of power. Her own power is insignificant enough in her eyes that she trains to be a healer under the expert tutelage of her mother. When a child is brought to the castle where she lives, she knows she doesn’t have the skills... Read More

You and No Other (Crowns & Kilts Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 12, 2019
“YOU & NO OTHER positively sparkles with historical details, real-life characters, and an utterly unforgettable hero!”~ PAST ROMANCE Historical Romance Blog Thomas Mardouet, Seigneur de St. Briac, is a man with a perfect life – bold, witty, and splendid to behold, he is the King of France’s trusted knight.But the day that captivating Aimée de Fleurance... Read More

Angel of Skye-FREE-PREVIEW (First 6 Chapters) (Macpherson Brothers Trilogy: Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 9, 2019
From USA Today Bestselling Author May McGoldrick…ANGEL OF SKYE – Free Six-Chapter Preview Macpherson Brothers Trilogy: Book 1Nothing could hide her passion…Fiona does not remember the years before she came to the priory on the Isle of Skye. Only the gentle Prioress knows the truth about the spirited, red-haired lass’s true birth. So it is... Read More

The Beauty Bride (The Jewels of Kinfairlie Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
More cherished than gold are the Jewels of Kinfairlie, and only the worthiest may fight for their love…The Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters, each a gem in her own right. And he has no choice but to see them all wed in haste. Lady Madeline’s heart is not for sale…especially not to a notorious... Read More

Captured by the Pirate Laird (Highland Force Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 1, 2019
Wed by proxy to a baron old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Anne trudges up the gangway of a galleon that will deliver her into the arms of a tyrant. Crestfallen, she believes her disastrous life cannot get worse—until she awakes to the blasts of cannon fire. Facing certain death, Anne trembles in her... Read More

Lady Danger (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 1)

Start Date: Aug 31, 2019
Over 450,000 copies read worldwide! From USA Today bestselling author Glynnis Campbell…A beautiful female warrior has never had trouble turning away men, but when she marries a powerful lord to save her sister, she soon finds herself losing the battle over her heart. Born to the blade and raised to fear no one, Deirdre of... Read More

Marti Talbott’s Highlander Series 1 (Anna, Rachel & Charlet)

Start Date: Aug 29, 2019
ANNA — In love with a woman he had only seen once and could not find, the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor was growing older and needed a wife to give him sons. No other woman pleased him, not even the daughters of other lairds, so he finally settled for Anna sight unseen. But when his men... Read More

To Capture A Highlander’s Heart: The Beginning: A Highland Moonlight Spinoff

Start Date: Jul 28, 2019
Tired of loving Gabriel Campbell from afar, shy lady’s maid, Grace MacNab announces her interest by showing him what she has to offer—her heart. Taken unaware, Gabriel dismisses her feelings as a temporary infatuation. Can Grace make him see the woman she is—and win his love? Or will he hold on to past perceptions and... Read More

Behind the Mask (Horstberg Saga Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 1, 2019
When You’re Hiding For Your Life, What Do You Live For? Abbi has the gift of dreams. But her uncanny ability to see glimpses of the future has no apparent purpose or meaning until a dream leads her to a man on the brink of despair and destruction. Cameron is a man without a name... Read More

Perfect Obedience A Bride’s Vow

Start Date: Jun 23, 2019
Lord Jarrad steals his bride from her home using lies and the lure of a safe haven. His bride’s vow of perfect obedience is the priest’s idea, a way to keep her docile. As if Morag’s daughter could ever be tamed. Read More

A Woman of Choice: Nicolas & Sydney: Book 1 (The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney)

Start Date: Jun 12, 2019
“A Woman of Choice” is a charming love story, gracefully told, in a fresh and engaging setting!-Diana GabaldonInternational Best-selling Author of the OUTLANDER Series 5 out of 5 Stars!If you like Nora Roberts with a twist, you’re really going to enjoy this book. Smart, funny and touching with enough heat to keep the pages turning,... Read More

His to Educate

Start Date: Jun 10, 2019
His to Educate is a short story of approximately 7,000 words. When Lord Weston catches Rosalyn sneaking about the castle library, she fears she’ll be punished for breaking the rules. But the master of the castle admires her desire to learn and orders her to meet with him each night for a private tutoring session.... Read More

Regency Romance:: Each Other

Start Date: May 19, 2019
“I fear for your safety!” the Duke thundered. But he might as well have been barking at the moon. Isabella, his beautiful but supremely arrogant niece, scoffs at the notion. Isabella’s father, also a Duke, was fighting in the Peninsular War, and there are reports that men of ill repute are capturing and holding the... Read More

Ariana’s Pride (A Medieval Trilogy Book 1)

Start Date: May 18, 2019
April, 1471 – Ariana … feisty, headstrong and the daughter of an earl, but when she loses her home and family her only chance of survival is to reach the elderly baron to whom her father has promised her. And the only chance she has of getting there alive is to trust Jeremy, once in... Read More

Cold My Heart (The Lion of Wales Book 1)

Start Date: May 16, 2019
Love. Magic. Faith. By the autumn of 537 AD, all who are loyal to King Arthur have retreated to a small parcel of land in north Wales. They are surrounded on all sides, heavily outnumbered, and facing near certain defeat. But Myrddin and Nell, two of the king’s companions, have a secret that neither has... Read More

The Bride and the Brute

Start Date: May 11, 2019
Jayce Cullen has been fighting her fear of thunder and lightning ever since she was a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the fury of her new husband. Feeling deceived and betrayed into a loveless marriage, Lord Reese Harrington wants nothing to do with his new wife. Trapped in a marriage with no... Read More


Start Date: May 10, 2019
Expanded Edition! She Only Wanted To Be Left Alone. With the death of her husband, independent Lady Breanna Durville is finally free of male control and happily waits the birth of her child…alone. But her late husband’s cousin, Lord de Beaufou has come to claim his rights to Durville Keep and to her hand in... Read More

Sunset Fire (Vikings of Honor, Book 1)

Start Date: Apr 29, 2019
*Previously published as Raeliksen. (This new edition has been partially rewritten and professionally edited, along with a new title and new cover.) Mara, the daughter of an Irish king, was raised to believe the Northmen are murderous pagans without a moral bone in their bodies. Despite warnings of their violent raids and the growing threat... Read More

Heart of a Highlander: A Historical Scottish Romance (Castle Brides)

Start Date: Apr 28, 2019
How can she love the man responsible for her husband’s death? When Frenchwoman Giselle McTavish married a Scotsman, she never expected to be widowed two years later and left to bring up their son alone. Nonetheless, she’s determined the next laird will be raised in Scotland. Even though Highlander Hugh Ferguson—the man she holds responsible... Read More

My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)

Start Date: Apr 25, 2019
ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA RITA FINALIST FOR BEST FIRST BOOK AND BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE! The Knights of de Ware…From a long line of legendary warriors come three brothers to carry on the rich and powerful de Ware legacy:  Duncan the Champion…Holden the Warrior…Garth the Hero… MY CHAMPION: Book 1 Sir Duncan de Ware is a... Read More

Seeking Catherine

Start Date: Jan 12, 2019
Bargained away to a brothel, she is beyond hope, beyond rescue…but not beyond the reach of the one man who can save her. From a USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera comes a heart-warming book set in Tudor England. He’s hurt her in the past. Can she trust her heart to him again? During an... Read More

His Highland Rose (His Highland Heart Book 0)

Start Date: Jan 2, 2019
FORCED TO CHOOSEIain Brodie is a fierce warrior and passionate lover, but to prove he’s responsible enough to follow his ailing father as the clan’s chief, he must give up the lasses and find a bride–quickly. He doesn’t expect to fall for any of the Rose chief’s three daughters, but he can’t get one out... Read More

The Good Knight (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 14, 2018
Join Gareth & Gwen in their first mystery together … murder, intrigue, and romance in medieval Wales! Five years after Gareth walked away from Gwen in disgrace, she encounters him in the aftermath of an ambush, standing over the body of a murdered king. Although it isn’t exactly the reunion Gwen had dreamed of, she... Read More

Torn (The Dothan Chronicles Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 26, 2018
*This is a completed series*King Wolfric Eberhand battles the last nation to stand against his raging armies. With help from the deadly knight, Sir Erin Caldry, he hopes to conquer the land of Dothan once and for all. Using his wealth and power, he has formulated the perfect plan to finally take their rich land.... Read More

Chained: A Fantasy Medieval Romance (Chained Trilogy Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 12, 2018
Game of Thrones meets Johanna Lindsay in this epic romantic tale with elements of action and adventureThis is Book 1 in the Chained Trilogy, a Medieval Fantasy Romance about love between two members of feuding families. House Toustain … House Maignart … two royal houses once embroiled in a bloody feud … Thirty years of... Read More