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Kraken: When lust comes up against science a mile under the ocean

Start Date: Dec 12, 2019
Strange and terrifying things live in the ocean. Many of them are still completely unknown to science. And some of those things are monsters with voracious appetites. In this erotic short story a marine scientist slips over the edges of her fantasies in the darkness of 6000 feet of water. There, the limits of her... Read More

The Zombie Knight Saga – Volume One: Elegy for an Immortal

Start Date: Dec 10, 2019
Death is coming. And he wants to help. The world of Eleg may seem like a normal enough place at first blush, but wade deeper into it, and soon the dark, the deadly, and the mad will begin to reveal themselves. But don’t worry. They usually have a sense of humor. —- This book includes... Read More

The Nightcomer: A Morbid Tale (The Morbid Tales Book 3)

Start Date: Dec 8, 2019
Trish and Henry mistakenly turn onto a dead-end street. The wrong street, at the wrong time of twilight, and find themselves in the grip of the Nightcomer. But in this cul-de-sac of horrors these two people, so busily caught up in their lives, will find that there can be only one kind of ending on... Read More

Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)

Start Date: Dec 8, 2019
Book five in a six-book series. Someone is hunting down the people she’s promised to protect, but Ava’s taste for battle is slowly disappearing. She’s losing the people in her life, one by one, and without them, her inner light can only weaken. But the British Vampire Association have decided to take over Ireland, too,... Read More

Zombie Cherry #1

Start Date: Dec 7, 2019
Miu is an unfortunate occult fanatic, who guzzled down a whole bottle of “Cherry Soup”, the super strong cell revitalization liquid without thinking. Thanks to that, now she’s a zombie. This all happened when Miu’s just gotten close to her crush, Tohno. However, Tohno can’t stomach zombies! Who knows what will happen…?! Read More

Attrition of the Gods: Book 1 of the Mystery Thriller series Gods Toys.

Start Date: Dec 7, 2019
For fans of A G Riddle and Neil Gaiman A brilliantly imagined dystopian tale and a breathtaking action thriller rolled into one. Attrition of the Gods is the hunger games for over eighteens. What the reviewers are saying? “Incredibly Imaginative” – Kirkus indie reviews Simple the best book I have ever read – “A... Read More

Blight (Chaos Series Book 5)

Start Date: Dec 5, 2019
As the blight spreads, destroying the land, Cara’s new subjects turn on her, and Brendan and Drake are no longer there to help her. The Darksiders thought she’d be pliable, or maybe even a miracle-worker, and it’s not as easy to scrub away Sadler’s influence as she thought. But Scarlet isn’t her only priority any... Read More

Hunted: On the Run (New Age of Hunters Book 1)

Start Date: Dec 1, 2019
Sometime you have to find out you’re average…Before you can be exceptional.Riding his bike home from the library, Sean Sharpe finds out that the world isn’t quite as average as he’d originally thought. After narrowly surviving an attack by a mysterious assailant, he is approached by another stranger–one who claims to be a Hunter. He... Read More

Death in the Park (Firefly Junction Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Start Date: Dec 1, 2019
Book 1 of the Firefly Junction Cozy Mystery series. With her social life and writing career in tatters at the ripe old age of thirty-five, Sunni Taylor decides to pack up her things and join her sisters, Lana and Emily, in the small town of Firefly Junction. Hoping to open a bed and breakfast, Sunni... Read More

Red (Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Lilith Mercury, Werewolf Hunter Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 30, 2019
This is Book One in the Lilith Mercury Series.Dr. Alfred Moody saved her life, but the werewolf, Marco may hold the key to her heart. She’s torn between the man who saved her humanity and the one who makes her want to embrace the beast. There will eventually be multiple partners in this series. If... Read More

The Zee Brothers: Pests B’ Gone: A ZX Short (Zombie Exterminators Book 0)

Start Date: Nov 28, 2019
Everybody starts somewhere, before Jonah & Judas were Zombie Exterminators, they were just plain old exterminators! Grab a copy of this fun and funny short to learn about how the brothers first met Burt from Pests B’ Gone and how that led them on the path to being ZOMBIE EXTERMINATORS! In this short, we follow... Read More

A God for Thieves (The Unseen Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 28, 2019
Jack Severn has a knack for encountering the magical side of reality. When he wakes up from an impromptu communal nap at a favorite Chinese restaurant, he recognizes the signature of a supernatural event. Now he’s in a race against time to find the people responsible before the secretive and powerful god of thieves decides... Read More

The Messenger (Prequel to the Age Of Endings new epic fantasy series)

Start Date: Nov 25, 2019
Duty. Desertion. Guilt. Atonement? War has arrived; pitiless war rooted in ancient days when the Nameless were first defeated and cast down. Unable to repel the invading fíos, the northerners turn their eyes and hopes for salvation south, sending messenger Falnir Aasberg to the kingdom of their ancient allies in a desperate plea for aid.... Read More

The Secret Life of Statues (The Tools of Creation Saga Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 25, 2019
Sean Prentice, a young American on holiday, stumbles into a hidden world where humans, spirits and animated statues co-exist; some are good, some evil…but they all want what he’s found. Stricken with amnesia and begging on the streets of Prague, Sean is brought to his senses by an ancient spirit of darkness, a Wight. It... Read More

Bitter Demons (The Shadow Demons Saga Book 3)

Start Date: Nov 25, 2019
Book 3 of The Shadow Demons Saga: So far, life in Peachville has been tough for Harper Madison. She’s survived attacks on her life, learned how to control her magic, and met the most gorgeous boy – who also happens to be a demon. After her latest stunt at Brighton Hospital, the Order of Shadows... Read More

The Demonologist Handbook: Your Guide to the Demons of Rick Wood’s Stories

Start Date: Nov 24, 2019
Rick Wood is fast emerging as a horror author to be reckoned with. Most known for The Edward King Series and The Sensitives – readers have often commented on the evident in-depth research he undertakes for the demons used in his novels. Here, for the first time, is a guide to those demons, featuring all... Read More

Fur-miliar Felines (A Wonder Cats Mystery Book 7)

Start Date: Nov 24, 2019
Three witches and their magical cats solve paranormal murder cases in the mystical town of Wonder Falls. From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin: It’s Christmastime, but something strange and sinister is in the air. Treacle, Cath’s courageous black cat, can’t see what it is, but he feels a dangerous presence out there in the... Read More

On The Night of The Christmas Eve

Start Date: Nov 23, 2019
When a tragic road accident cost’s the life of Anna’s boy friend, Brian, her mind gets messed up and her life almost becomes a disaster, but only till the night of the Christmas eve, when she experiences an incident that makes her blood rush through the veins, giving her new hopes and perspective of life. Read More

The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed: A Baker Johnson Short Story

Start Date: Nov 22, 2019
“[The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed is] beautifully written, superbly edited and trying to explain the incredible depth of aesthetic in this particular short is like trying to explain the virtues of a well aged Scotch vs moonshine.”-Heather Omen, The Horror Nation The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed is a haunting tale by... Read More

The Silhouette: A Morbid Tale (The Morbid Tales Book 4)

Start Date: Nov 21, 2019
Tonight, little Amy lays in bed, hurt and sad at how unfair life has been toward her. From a dark corner, the darkest place in her dimly lit room, a silhouette watches, listens, and speaks.Fearful and distraught, and nowhere to run, she has no choice but to stay. But who is this thing, this creature,... Read More

Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus: A Short Horror/Comedy Tale

Start Date: Nov 21, 2019
Say hello to Cecil McGee and Turner “Bubba” Teague. These two Southern slackers go and get themselves cursed by a drunk gypsy, and then they hire onto a paranormal investigation to make the rent. Soon they are haunted by a seductive demon and all hell breaks loose! Here is what some fine upstanding folks have... Read More


Start Date: Nov 19, 2019
What terror lurks behind the fence in an ordinary neighborhood? What manner of monster will you see if you peek through a knothole? Something ugly. Something angry. Something with a very large appetite. Take a peek, go ahead. And then run back the way you came!!! You do not want to reach the end of... Read More

Demon Unbound: Demon Enforcers, Book 1

Start Date: Nov 18, 2019
None of us is without Sin… After serving untold millennia as the leader of a demon special ops team with a brutal reputation for efficiency, Warrick of the Syx has seen it all, done it all, killed it all. Penance for his own damnation? Sure. But with the world running black with blood and magic,... Read More

Ascension (World of Ascension Series Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 17, 2019
From bestselling author G M Sherwin, begins a new terrifying series. A sacrifice will be made & terrifying truth revealed on this night. The one night of the year, young professionals gather for the biggest party in the country hosted by the wealthy corporate business owners. A night filled with decadence and a terrifying secret... Read More

Chronicles of the Vampire Hunters: Creation

Start Date: Nov 17, 2019
Book 1 of the exciting new series! They are known by many names, from gods and Immortals to Demons and Vampires. They are whispers in the shadows, myths, and legends. They have existed alongside mankind for thousands of years, always in hiding, always feeding. They are the top of the food chain and humanity is... Read More

The All Souls Real-time Reading Companion (All Souls Trilogy)

Start Date: Nov 17, 2019
A richly illustrated real-time reading guide that brings to life the world created by Deborah Harkness in A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night, retracing the events of the bestselling novels with illuminating behind-the-scenes details   A world of witches, vampires, and daemons. A manuscript that holds the secrets of their past and the key to their future.... Read More

Fire Burn And Cauldron Bubble: A Paranormal Romance Series (Jolie Wilkins Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 15, 2019
Do yourself a favor and read the epic, bestselling Jolie Wilkins series because you won’t regret it! A self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead. A dangerously handsome warlock torn between being her boss and her would-be lover. A six hundred year old English vampire with his own agenda; one that includes... Read More

The Gods Have No Children (The Godskeep Trilogy Book 2)

Start Date: Nov 15, 2019
Thirteen years have passed since the Battle of the Godskeep, and the Way has split into two factions. Dienna Darpentus finds herself trying to keep the peace between these sects, while Meredith and Sonder each struggle to unravel the mysteries surrounding a pair of extraordinary children— children who claim to be the descendants of the... Read More

Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 2: All Give Thanks And Praise To The Cure

Start Date: Nov 15, 2019
As Onyx becomes more aware of her abilities, she must put them to use to save her best friend from the clutches of a murderous incubus. This time, with everything out in the open, a hesitant Elliot shoves aside his disbelief to help her. Things go amiss when more bodies start piling up seemingly unrelated... Read More

God Given Book One

Start Date: Nov 15, 2019
“Every god will hunt you. They will not stop. There will be nowhere safe on the face of this planet. From now until the day you die, you will have to run.”Those were the words that started everything. Casey was once normal – now she’s the most important piece in a game for the world.She’s... Read More

Stranger Things Ashcan

Start Date: Nov 15, 2019
The nostalgia-igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down. Written by award-winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic). Based on Will’s... Read More

Midnight Drearies Vol. 1

Start Date: Nov 14, 2019
Six interlinking stories set the stage for their shared world that has an impending destiny with a darkness. Within these Midnight Drearies, dread and terror take many forms: an impossible door that cannot possibly be; a haunted attraction that proves more frightening than its already illustrious reputation; an isolated ice fishing trip with an unexpected... Read More

Gods and Psychopaths (Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 14, 2019
Black Scottish terriers aren’t particularly well-known for devouring civilisations, but Little Dog is. Like most omnipotent beings, Little Dog finds boredom a constant problem, but the deity has just the right plaything to solve this, a psychopathic vagabond called Cain. Cain never wanted to make a deal with the sadistic and petulant deity. All he... Read More

Sliced and Diced: A collection of dark and twisted short stories

Start Date: Nov 13, 2019
A collection of 17 dark and twisted tales that will entertain, scare, shock, and disturb you. Stories include a serial killer on the hunt for his next trophy, ghosts on a murderous reunion tour, a jealous girlfriend killing her boyfriend’s beloved pet, a ghost bride, and a demon tormenting a nun. Author Joan De La... Read More

Inner Demon

Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
Sometimes the laundromat is the only place to stay sane. And for Stan, a man with a terrible secret – this is where he goes he keep the beast inside. Read More


Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
From USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen A. Miller comes this young adult adventure that will plunge you deep into the Atlantic Ocean.    It was Stella Gullaksen’s final break before starting her freshman year at college. Joining her best friend, Jill, and Jill’s family aboard the STARKISSED, Stella wakes to a violent storm that capsizes the boat... Read More

Demons and Other Inconveniences

Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
“Enjoyable and nasty: the stories are impressive.” 5 Stars. “Icky.” 5 Stars “Humor and horror and shivers, excellent combination.” 5 Stars “Dan Dillard has written a great book, loaded with some creepy short stories.” 5 Stars “…this book will snare you in its gloriously wicked clutches and drag you kicking, screaming, and sometimes laughing from... Read More

Warmonger: The Primal Series Prequel

Start Date: Nov 12, 2019
War is Nature’s way of dealing with overpopulation. It’s basically a Cull. War, earthquakes, floods, pestilence are all her reactions to the overcrowding of this planet.I start Wars. It’s time for a new major struggle: a World War. It takes a lot of preparation. A lot of networking and diplomacy. And usually brutal murder.I cultivate... Read More