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The Effective Vegan Diet: 50 High Protein Recipes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Start Date: Nov 17, 2019
How The Effective Vegan Diet Will Lead You Toward a Healthier Lifestyle! Unfortunately, these days many people follow unhealthy diets; and as a result, some end up dealing with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis (you will learn about it in the book!), and even cancer in some cases. Many people underestimate the importance of their... Read More

Mindfulness: The Most Effective Techniques: Connect With Your Inner Self To Reach Your Goals Easily and Peacefully (Positive Psychology Coaching Series Book 0)

Start Date: Nov 10, 2019
Dear friends, Mindfulness is not about complicated and otherworldly woo-woo spiritual practices. It doesn’t require you to be a part of any religion or a movement. What mindfulness is about is living a good life (that’s quite practical, right?), and this book is all about deepening your awareness, getting to know yourself, and developing attitudes... Read More

Awaken Your Inner Power: Change Your Vibe, Change Your Life!

Start Date: Nov 10, 2019 Awaken Your Inner Power is a book that takes you into exploring your inner world and how it can transform your outer reality. It explores the concepts of detachment, the law of attraction, confidence, and self-esteem, and happiness. The book explains these experiential concepts and dives into how to practice them in your everyday... Read More

6 Simple Steps to Permanently Overcome Social Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem

Start Date: Nov 8, 2019
For most of my life I dealt with severe social anxiety and low self-esteem, so what I have to share with you in this short guide comes from a whole lot of personal experience. While I cannot possibly offer everything there is to know about overcoming these internal issues, I can simplify everything down into... Read More

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss: A Beginners Guide to the Ketogenic Diet for Rapid, Effective Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 7, 2019
Are You Frustrated With Stubborn Body Fat and Restrictive Diets That Don’t Produce Results? Discover The Secrets to Rapid and Sustainable Weight Loss with the Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet Dear friend,My name is Megan Lacey, and I want to show YOU how to you can finally lose your stubborn body fat and keep... Read More

The Journal of Plant Based Health & Wellness

Start Date: Nov 1, 2019
Our goal is to help stem the rising tide of preventable chronic diseases. We are in the midst of a worldwide epidemic of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dementia, heart disease and cancer. These dreadful illnesses can be prevented and even reversed by making a few simple diet and lifestyle changes! Read More

Intermittent Fasting for Women: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Fast, Effective Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting – Discover the Secrets to Rapid Fat … with Intermittent Fasting for Women Book 1)

Start Date: Nov 1, 2019
FINALLY Lose Your Stubborn Body Fat and Get That Bikini Friendly Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of! Are You Frustrated With Stubborn Body Fat, Especially Around the Hips, Thighs and Bum? Discover How You Can Effortlessly Unlock Stored Body Fat and Accelerate Fat Loss with Intermittent Fasting! Bonus: Free Ebook with Purchase “13 Fat Loss Myths,... Read More

Deep Cell Detox Diet Plan-Complete Body Reset: Eliminate toxins and pollutants with ease. DIY Self-health (2019 edition): 10 days for vibrant body & mind. Help you live disease free, healthy & happy

Start Date: Oct 18, 2019
BUILDING A VIBRANT BODY& MIND DEPENDS ON THREE THINGS… You need to cleanse your system periodically to help your body& mind work for you, not against you. Toxins and pollutants are the two main underlying causes of any discomfort, energetic misalignment or disease in your system. You need to eliminate “bad visitors” to release all... Read More

Mental Efficiency And Other Hints to Men and Women

Start Date: Oct 14, 2019
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. Read More

Why Would a Smart Person Like You Choose a Low-Carb Diet?

Start Date: Oct 12, 2019
You’re smart. You don’t jump on bandwagons. But low-carb doesn’t seem to be going away, and now you’re curious. Does the low-carb or ketogenic diet live up to the hype? Are there dangerous side effects? Is it even possible for someone like you to go low-carb? There are so many low-carb books on the market.... Read More

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Start Date: Oct 12, 2019
Maintaining good health is not as difficult as you think. The body, as you probably know from your school days, has built-in mechanisms for taking care of itself. The problem is that people sometimes forget that for these built-in mechanisms to work, they are to maintain a certain diet as each and every one of... Read More


Start Date: Oct 9, 2019
Voted as one of the Top 43 therapists in the world, 5-times bestselling author, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr. Ameet helps you to easily heal your health issues, depression, anxiety, mood, liver, indigestion, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies, mental health & trauma healing. Your health is the most... Read More

Epsom Salt: Tremendous Benefits & Proven Recipes for Your Health, Beauty and Home (Essential Oils, Allergy Cure, Natural Skin Care Book 1)

Start Date: Oct 7, 2019
Discover the Tested Secrets & Uses of Epsom Salt to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle, Relax and Take Care of Your Home! 100% Natural Recipes Included to Guide You Step-by-Step! Epsom salt is a phenomenal mineral with a myriad of health and wellness benefits you are just about to experience yourself. Epsom salt can be effectively... Read More

Metabolic Health: Prediabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss (Metabolic Health Publications Book 6)

Start Date: Oct 4, 2019
*An Amazon #1 book in Endocrinology & Metabolism* Addressing metabolic health is complex, and it requires the right information about diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the body’s natural tendency to default to its highest weight due to powerful evolutionary factors, including insulin resistance as we age. This introductory guide to the Metabolic Health Publication series... Read More

Hormone Reset Diet: Effective & Delicious Hormone Reset Recipes for Weight Loss & Health (Gluten-Free Diet, Metabolism Healing, Body Detox Cookbook Book 1)

Start Date: Oct 3, 2019
Give Yourself the Energy & Health You Deserve! Reclaim Your Health, Balance Your Hormones, and (if desired) Lose Weight. OK, so you are doing your best to be healthy. You eat clean and you exercise. Yet you still can’t get rid of this stubborn fat, and you wish you had more energy and zest for... Read More

Beating Cancer

Start Date: Oct 1, 2019
This book tells the story of the life of the author when he was diagnosed with level four prostate cancer. The story deals with the feelings involved, and the emotional issues related to the curing process. It is the intention of this book to assist people who are landed in a similar situation. People like... Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 6

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 Principles for the Empath part 6: Gives deeper meanings, insights and values for the Empath life and evolving experience. With 5 insightful bite sized chapters that cover the following: Finding Emotional BalanceHealing through imaginationIn EmploymentIn LovePolarising People A very useful and inexpensive download Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 7

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 Principles for the Empath Part 7: Gives the reader greater insight, meanings and values into the Empath nature. With the way of Empath evolution through reading about themselves, it’s possible to grow into a more effective Empath with these 5 principles. This edition covers the following: Jesus the empathKnowing HappinessLeaders of LoveEmpath MeditationEmpath Meditation... Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 8

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 Principles for the Empath Part 8: Supplies the Empath Reader with deeper awareness, meaning and insight into Empath nature. This edition covers the following subjects: Micro ExpressionsRealising DestinyReplicating EmotionsThe Emotional TypeThe Evolving Empath A nice inexpensive download today.. Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 2

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 principles for the Empath Part 2: This is a short 5 chapter ebook that covers some of the meanings and insights behind Empath behaviour. This edition covers the following subjects: Basic PhysicsBorn to feelBreaking BoundariesConcept of NegativityCoping with Stress A nice inexpensive addition to your library.. Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 3

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 Principles for the Empath Part 3: A short 5 chapter ebook that reveals the meanings and insights behind Empath behaviour: This edition covers the following subjects. Coping with televisionDealing with AggressorsEmpath Dealing With PainDeepening ConnectionEmpath Definition An inexpensive but valued download to add to your collections. Read More

5 Principles for the Empath: Part 5

Start Date: Sep 22, 2019
5 Principles for the Empath Part 5: A nice bite sized 5 chapter ebook that elaborates the meanings and insights into Empath life. The Edition covers the following: Effects of ViolenceEmotional SignatureEmotions V FeelingsExercising LoveFeeling God A nice inexpensive download to add to your growing collection Read More

The Four Temprements

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019
The Four Temprements is a nice little four chapters based on the individual characteristics of the phlegmatic, choleric, melancholy and sanguine. Each chapter is a bite sized description of each personality giving the pros and cons of each. A nice little download for the people watching coffee drinker.. Download today.. Read More

A Beginners Guide To Pregnancy: A Healthy Manual For First-Time Moms Planning A Stress-Free Delivery

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019
While your body is doing the important work of growing your baby, The Simple Pregnancy Guide Preview nails down exactly what you need to know to get started. First-time moms have plenty to be grateful for —and plenty to worry about. Centered on what’s most important to expecting moms, The Simple Pregnancy Guide Preview narrows the vast field of... Read More

50 Top Paleo Recipes: Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Optimum Health (Emma Greens weight loss books Book 4)

Start Date: Sep 8, 2019
A truly magnificent “ancient” diet for modern times… allow yourself to indulge in hearty, mouth-watering recipes in this fundamental title, “50 Top Paleo Recipes,” from the author of the stunning, best-selling title, “How I Lost 100 Pounds!” and never look back. Paleo is the diet humans were designed to eat. But is it really worth... Read More

Essential Oils: The Only Book of Essential Oils that You’ll Ever Need: Your Guide to Creating A Natural Medicine Cabinet

Start Date: Sep 6, 2019
Already more than 45,000 downloads! Customer Reviews : Concise and to the Point November 28, 2016I like how the writer gets to the point and how she categorized the various oils and their benefits – excellent. Great guide November 2, 2016Enlightening, great source of valuable information. Good September 29, 2016Very good book for beginners explains... Read More

Ketogenic Diet: Delicious Keto Recipes, Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, Energy and Performance While Eating Delicious Food. (ketogenic cookbook)

Start Date: Sep 4, 2019
Have you been trying out different diets, but couldn’t stick to any of them? Felt always hungry? Constantly lacked energy and barely saw any weight loss?Then the ketogenic diet might be right for you.Here are just some of the benefits of the keto diet:•Eat delicious food and still lose weight. How does eating eggs and... Read More

The Effective Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook for 4: Lose Weight and Reduce the Chances of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes with These Easy Vegan Recipes

Start Date: Sep 4, 2019
The Effective Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook for 4 Animal products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which can cause a buildup of plaque in the arterial walls, hindering proper blood flow and damaging the arteries. Insufficient blood flow impairs proper functioning of the bodily organs and systems, and, at the same time, shoots up... Read More

50 Top Ketogenic Recipes: Quick and Easy Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Optimum Health (Emma Greens weight loss books Book 5)

Start Date: Sep 3, 2019
From the author of the bestselling title, “How I Lost 100 Pounds!” – you’ll discover the simple secret to staying in a state of ketosis with 50 amazing top tasting recipes, included in this all-inclusive, special title. Eating better, losing real weight, and moving pounds on your waistline. Yes, no matter what your reasons, you... Read More