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Bipolar Life Hacks: Keys to Loving Life with a Bipolar Disorder

Start Date: Sep 16, 2019
So I have a bipolar condition…now what?  If you are like me, simply coping with the symptoms of the condition gets old.  Living life in the paradigm of being sick gets old.  So since we have a condition that is going to be with us for life, how do we live life without thinking we are sick... Read More

MOTIVATION – Discover the Magic of Motivation Now: Discover how to be motivated, how to stay motivated and how to start everyday with a positive attitude, … and motivational books series Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 18, 2019
Motivation, Discover The Magic of Motivation – 7 Days for a Total Positive Transformation and Success Discover how to be motivated, how to stay motivated and how to start everyday with a positive attitude so you can achieve success and reach your goals now. This powerful motivational book will inspire you to pursue your dreams... Read More

How to Become Smarter

Start Date: Jul 12, 2019
*** Updated in July 2019 *** A shorter, less technical version of this book, “Become Smarter,” is available: The book describes methods for improvement of mental abilities (cognitive enhancement). Some of the things it can help you to achieve include the following: Depending on circumstances, use different lifestyles that improve one or another mental... Read More

Why Does My Life Suck? 6 Ways You Can Turn it Around

Start Date: Jul 6, 2019
Why does my life suck? I used to ask this question a lot when I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety 6 years ago. My life is completely different today, thanks to the answers I got. You can turn your life around. This book will show you how. Enjoy 🙂 Read More


Start Date: Jun 3, 2019
After his first panic attack in his mid twenties the fabric of his reality started to fray. This is not a self-help book but a memoir of one man’s battle to over come his inner demons that fuelled his anxiety disorder. Follow along as he confronts suicide and his apprehension with getting help. Now at... Read More

Kaleidoscope: Powerful Stories Of Everyday Life That Encompass Hope and Forgiveness

Start Date: May 16, 2019
What if you could change your entire outlook on life? Through the insightful and reflective lens of wife, mother of five, special needs advocate, coach, and public speaker Sue Lachman’s everyday events and stories reveal the simplicity of life when experienced from Mind, Thought, and Consciousness—the Three Principles that changed Lachman’s outlook on life.  Once... Read More

The Legend of the Golden Raven: A Novella of The Wicker King

Start Date: May 2, 2019
K. Ancrum’s The Legend of the Golden Raven novella, part fairy tale and part gritty reality, follows a boy as he descends into madness. August and Jack weren’t meant to be friends. One is a misfit with a pyro streak and the other a golden boy on the rugby team. But as their relationship intensifies,... Read More

Meditation for Beginners: Easy Techniques to Relieve Stress, Depression and Anxiety and Increase Inner Peace and Motivation for Life

Start Date: May 2, 2019
Some 80% of the Most Successful People in the World Practice Daily Mediation or Mindfulness. Follow Proven Methods and Simple, Step-By-Step Guidelines to Improve your Motivation and Happiness, and Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety Today! Does it feel like you’re being overwhelmed with all the tasks and activities you have to attend to in your... Read More

27 Thoughts on Enjoying Life

Start Date: May 1, 2019
Travis I. Sivart draws on his lifetime of helping others to offer his personal guidelines for enjoying life. Each thought is a single page, keeping the concepts and ideas simple and to the point. This book offers twenty seven thoughts on helping create happiness in your personal life, success in your professional life, and even... Read More

Overcome Depression and End Your Suffering Now: An In-Depth Guide for Overcoming Depression, Increasing Self-Esteem, and Getting Your Life Back On Track

Start Date: Apr 29, 2019
Overcoming depression has never been easier than it is today thanks to revolutionary advancements in bioenergetic techniques and the understanding of the mind-body connection. This book is a complete guide for overcoming depression using mental and physical techniques. When performed daily, these techniques have the power to dramatically increase your self-esteem and levels of happiness.... Read More

6 Simple Steps to Permanently Overcome Social Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem

Start Date: Mar 29, 2019
For most of my life I dealt with severe social anxiety and low self-esteem, so what I have to share with you in this short guide comes from a whole lot of personal experience. While I cannot possibly offer everything there is to know about overcoming these internal issues, I can simplify everything down into... Read More

Under Ground (UNDER GROUND #1)

Start Date: Dec 3, 2018
UNDER GROUND BOOK #1 Love is a taboo, a mere fantasy—foreign, unreachable, and dangerous. Born in a society where women have no rights, seventeen-year-old Thia Clay holds little hope for a bright future. When Thia’s parents sell her into marriage to elite member William Fox, she slowly gives in to despair. William is nothing but... Read More

No More Negative Thinking: How to Be Positive, Optimistic, and Happy All the Time

Start Date: Nov 14, 2018
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have such control over your emotions that you could be happy practically all of the time? Well, it’s actually possible, and this book describes multiple different ways that you can “train your brain” to be happy and positive all the time, regardless of your current circumstances. Happiness... Read More

Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem: 16 Easy and Fun Ways To Change Your Thoughts, Emotional Habits and Feel Better About Yourself Fast (Relationship and Dating Advice for Men Book 4)

Start Date: Jun 26, 2018
Caution: Don’t Let This Book Make You Too Confident! “To The Men & Women Who Want To… Improve Their Confidence & Self-Esteem Right Now!” Do you seriously want to improve your self-esteem? My name is Alex Altman. You may not know me, however, that doesn’t really matter… because… what I’m about to talk about is... Read More

Worth the Effort: Ella’s Story (Love’s an Effort Book 1)

Start Date: May 22, 2018
The morning Ella Jones forces herself to sit down and make a true connection with the homeless teen living behind the café where she works, she changes both their lives. A senior in high school and a barista, seventeen-year-old Ella seems to be going places. Yet her parents’ ideas for her future are as fractured... Read More