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Writers On Writing Vol.1: An Author’s Guide

Start Date: Jun 12, 2019
Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best. This is Writers On Writing – An Author’s Guide, where your favorite authors share their secrets in the ultimate guide to becoming – and being – an author.  In this first volume you’ll find in-depth essays from authors such as Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Mercedes M. Yardley,... Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Super-efficient Learning

Start Date: May 28, 2019
The best way to learn is to first understand how the process of learning works. Super-efficient learning doesn’t need to be a trick to work well. It simply means recognizing what is actually going on when you reach a new level of insight and finding approaches to help you reach those stages consistently. It is... Read More

15 Sure Signs That You Are On The Right Path

Start Date: May 5, 2019
***For a limited time, you can get the author’s latest book, The Yin & Yang Lifestyle Guide, for free – click here to find out more > michaelhetherington.com.au/freebook (just copy and paste into your browser)*** Your Little Guide to Motivation, Inspiration and Success! There are two types of people in this world: The first type... Read More

Join the Revolution: A Radical Call to Christian Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Start Date: Sep 25, 2019
I believe that God’s people are called to a new renaissance of creative expression in every sector of society. God’s desire is to raise up a generation of revolutionary men and women who have tapped the mind of Christ.  Outliers who have opened the floodgates of their imagination to become conduits for Heaven’s agenda. And... Read More

108 Paths to Peace: Ramblings of a Contemplative Life

Start Date: Jul 31, 2019
***For a limited time, you can get the authors new 3 Day Emotional Detox, quick video series for free to help you to clear anxiety – go here now to find out more > www.michaelhetherington.com.au (just copy and paste into your browser)*** A Collection of Inspirational Quotes for You A collection of quotes and insights... Read More

Developing Your Intuition: 5 Simple Steps To Help You Live a More Intuitive Life

Start Date: May 4, 2019
***For a limited time, you can get this author’s latest book, The Yin & Yang Lifestyle Guide, for free – click here to find out more > michaelhetherington.com.au/freebook (just copy and paste into your browser)*** The little book will help you connect more readily and easily with your intuition. We all have the capacity for... Read More

Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell more Books on Kindle (2019 Edition) (Book Marketing for Authors 1)

Start Date: Sep 1, 2019
Building a successful author career depends on three things… You need to attract the right readers to your work. You need to convert “curious visitors” into fans. And you need to turn “fans” into “buyers”. You can do all this with Reader Magnets. Reader Magnets are what bring readers to YOU. They’re an irresistible force... Read More

Blogging 101: How to Successfully Start a Blog in 2019

Start Date: Oct 8, 2019
Want to start a Blog but don’t know where to begin? You begin right here, with Blogging 101. Blogging is your expression to the world but it is hard to express yourself when you don’t know where to begin. Launching a Blog is difficult when you have to go through the technicalities of choosing a... Read More

21 Insights for 21st Century Creatives

Start Date: Jul 24, 2019
Insights to help you thrive as a creator amid the demands, distractions, and opportunities of the 21st century Mark McGuinness has spent 21 years coaching creative professionals to achieve their artistic and career ambitions. In this book he shares 21 of the most powerful insights that have emerged from coaching conversations with hundreds of creatives... Read More

Crafting Story: A Guide for the Emerging Writer

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Navigate common pitfalls on your writing journey with provocative strategies such as natural writing forces, making (not finding) time to write, and nurturing your writer self. Learn the importance of owning your writer identity, and why embracing your identity can make all the difference in the journey, whatever the ultimate destination. Crafting Story is a... Read More