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The Quick Guide to Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

Start Date: Dec 10, 2019
This is a Quick Guide to Cloud Computing and Cyber Security – For Beginners. Cloud computing has appeared in many small forms and now it is emerging as a huge solution to the problem of the fast changing and increasingly cyber world in which we live and work. Table of Contents What is Cloud Computing?Types... Read More

Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Developer Guide

Start Date: Nov 28, 2019
This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Elastic Transcoder. Elastic Transcoder enables you to turn your media files stores in Amazon S3 into the formats required by customer playback devices. Read More

AWS IoT: Developer Guide

Start Date: Nov 19, 2019
This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS IoT. This documentation is offered here as a free Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at AWS IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected devices such as sensors, actuators, embedded micro-controllers, or smart appliances and the AWS Cloud.... Read More

High-Performance Computing Lens: AWS Well-Architected Framework (AWS Whitepaper)

Start Date: Nov 17, 2019
November 2018This document describes the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The document covers common HPC scenarios and identifies key elements to ensure your workloads are architected according to best practices. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it in PDF format at Read More

Free Innovation (The MIT Press)

Start Date: Nov 8, 2019
A leading innovation scholar explains the growing phenomenon and impact of free innovation, in which innovations developed by consumers and given away “for free.” In this book, Eric von Hippel, author of the influential Democratizing Innovation, integrates new theory and research findings into the framework of a “free innovation paradigm.” Free innovation, as he defines... Read More

OUTER SPACE INSIDE: Promoting Peace, Prosperity, and Planet

Start Date: Oct 20, 2019
This book is part of the most participatory art project in human history and also the most valuable work of art in human history. The Most Popular Artist has successfully and legally claimed all outer space property and mineral rights claims in the entire Universe and has had this claim authenticated by world governments in... Read More

Thinking in JavaScript

Start Date: Oct 10, 2019
JavaScript is a scripting language for the web. Before we delve into the intricacies of JavaScript, we need to know why it is used. While HTML tells your browser how your webpage will look, JavaScript is used for dynamic content and to add functionality. Using this book, you will understand the concept of JavaScript and... Read More

The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs

Start Date: Oct 3, 2019
Many features inspired by popular JavaScript libraries are now available as native JavaScript APIs in today’s powerful browsers. While that may seem convenient given all of the JavaScript you need to write, relying on these APIs will only make code maintenance more difficult in the long run. In this report, Nicholas Zakas—consultant and former front-end... Read More

Blogging: How To Start A Profitable Blog: A Guide To Create Content That Rocks, Build Traffic, And Turn Your Blogging Passion Into Profit (Blog Mastermind Booklets)

Start Date: Sep 3, 2019
REVEALED: How Start A Profitable Blog Booklet Length:7761 Words Would you like to learn how to optimize your blog for profit? Perhaps your a beginner wanting to take your blog to the next level . How To Start A Profitable Blog: A Guide To Create Content That Rocks, Build Traffic, And Turn Your Blogging Passion... Read More

The United Kingdom’s Democracy: Primer & Data Model

Start Date: Aug 23, 2019
The aim of this book is to introduce a model of the UK’s first past the post (FPTP) electoral process. The hope here is that the model may be useful to explain the data that are aggregated when comparing the percentage of votes cast for party candidates nationally to the percentage of party membership of... Read More

AWS Step Functions: Developer Guide

Start Date: Aug 22, 2019
This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS Step Functions. This developer guide takes an in-depth look at Step Functions, which is used to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Read More

A Short Introduction to Databases

Start Date: Aug 13, 2019
The aim of this book is to explain how discrete items of information (data) e.g. names of individuals or organisations can be linked to other items of information e.g. addresses, dates of birth or amounts invoiced. How that linked information can be used to drive other processes or produce reports is illustrated here by creating... Read More

Group Project Software Management: A Guide for University Students and Instructors

Start Date: Aug 13, 2019
This guide is primarily designed for university instructors and students who are involved in (industrial) software engineering group projects. The aim is to provide quality assurance guidelines for carrying out and documenting the work in a standard manner.In addition to the guidelines, this book also provides a case study in the appendix in order to... Read More

Microservices on AWS (AWS Whitepaper)

Start Date: Aug 10, 2019
June 2019Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development designed to speed up deployment cycles, foster innovation and ownership, and improve maintainability and scalability of software applications. This approach includes scaling organizations that deliver software and services. Using a microservices approach, software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs.... Read More

Ethics and Data Science

Start Date: Aug 2, 2019
As the impact of data science continues to grow on society there is an increased need to discuss how data is appropriately used and how to address misuse. Yet, ethical principles for working with data have been available for decades. The real issue today is how to put those principles into action. With this report,... Read More

JavaScript and HTML5 Now

Start Date: Jul 14, 2019
A decade ago, Ajax took the Web out of childhood, and now HTML5 and JavaScript are moving the Web into full adulthood. This insightful overview provides striking examples of how these technologies have teamed up to give the Web a truly open platform. Author Kyle Simpson (HTML5 Cookbook) shows you how JavaScript unlocks the power... Read More

CSS: CSS Awesomeness Book (Awesomeness Books 2)

Start Date: Jul 9, 2019
Hey Guys!Welcome to the CSS Awesomeness Book, where you will learn to write the basics of CSS, the awesome way. My name is Gilad, and I will lead you through this amazing course! Even before I was a cartoon character, I began my career as a web developer. Soon afterward, I transitioned to entrepreneurship and... Read More

Bash Command Line Pro Tips

Start Date: Jul 4, 2019
If you’ve ever said to yourself, “There has to be a better way to do this,” then read on. As someone that has used the Bash shell almost daily for over 15 years, I’ve accumulated several command line “tricks” that have saved me time and frustration. Bash Command Line Pro Tips is a collection of... Read More

Social Inertia & Keyboards

Start Date: Jun 29, 2019
A short historical accounting and perspective on how the past continues to shape some aspects of today, despite improved technology to make things better. 4,100 words Read More

What Is Node?

Start Date: Jun 28, 2019
Node.js. It’s the latest in a long line of “Are you cool enough to use me?” programming languages, APIs, and toolkits. In that sense, it lands squarely in the tradition of Rails,and Ajax, and Hadoop, and even to some degree iPhone programming and HTML5. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll hear that Node.js (or, as... Read More

On Being a Data Skeptic

Start Date: Jun 26, 2019
“Data is here, it’s growing, and it’s powerful.” Author Cathy O’Neil argues that the right approach to data is skeptical, not cynical––it understands that, while powerful, data science tools often fail. Data is nuanced, and “a really excellent skeptic puts the term ‘science’ into ‘data science.'” The big data revolution shouldn’t be dismissed as hype,... Read More

Amazon SageMaker: Developer Guide

Start Date: Jun 20, 2019
This is official (AWS) documentation for Amazon SageMaker. Amazon SageMaker provides fully managed machine learning in the cloude. This guide demonstrates how to use Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and host machine learning models in the cloud. This documentation is offered here as a free Kindle book, or you can read it online or in... Read More

What Is Data Science?

Start Date: Jun 16, 2019
We’ve all heard it: according to Hal Varian, statistics is the next sexy job. Five years ago, in What is Web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly said that “data is the next Intel Inside.” But what does that statement mean? Why do we suddenly care about statistics and about data? This report examines the many sides of... Read More

How To Create A Website Using WordPress: The Beginner’s Blueprint for Building a Professional Website in 3 Easy Steps (Plus 40+ Premium WordPress Video Tutorials)

Start Date: Jun 16, 2019
How To Create A Website – Easy Instructions for Building A Website With WordPress ATTENTION BEGINNERS! Learn how to set up a website that meets your exact needs in 3 EASY STEPS …one that the “professionals” would have charged you thousands of dollars for. Become the owner of a website that looks, functions, and works... Read More

Shielded Metal Arc Welding: Welding Process Training Series

Start Date: Jun 6, 2019
Shielded Metal Arc Welding provides a fundamental base knowledge helping to better understand how the welding process works. As in the entire Training topic series, it is written in a casual and more conversational way that both the welding engineer and the beginner can appreciate. More than 40 color illustrations and photos are used to... Read More

AWS Migration Hub: User Guide

Start Date: Jun 3, 2019
This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS Migration Hub. AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track migration tasks across multiple AWS tools and partner solutions. With Migration Hub, you can choose the AWS and partner migration tools that best fit your needs while providing visibility into the status of your... Read More

HTML: HTML Awesomeness Book

Start Date: May 18, 2019
HTML Awesomeness Book Welcome to the HTML Awesomeness Book, where you will learn to write the basics of HTML, the awesome way. My name is Gilad, and I will lead you through this amazing book! I began my career as a web developer, but soon transitioned to entrepreneurship, where i founded my very own startup... Read More

Thinking in CSS

Start Date: May 15, 2019
You will gain an intermediate knowledge of CSS after reading this book. Instead of wandering through loads of theory, we will understand CSS more practically so that we can design a webpage using CSS. We have used Notepad for the examples in this book. Alternatively, you can also use Notepad++ or any advanced editor. All... Read More

Mastering Excel Macros: Introduction (Book 1)

Start Date: May 14, 2019
Excel macros. Everybody wants to learn them. You’re not a programmer though. How is a non technical user going to learn how to program? You do want to use macros to make your work easier but are you really going to sit down with a huge programming textbook and work your way through every. single.... Read More

Angular 5: From Theory To Practice: Build the web applications of tomorrow using the new Angular web framework from Google.

Start Date: Apr 27, 2019
*Updated to Angular v5 released on November 2017* After reading this book, you are going to be able to:- – Understand the latest features of ES6 JavaScript and TypeScript.– Build an Angular 2 application from scratch using TypeScript and the Angular command line interface.– Write code using the paradigm of reactive programming with RxJS and... Read More