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Productivity Hacks: How to do less and get better results

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
Is it possible to do less and get better results? Absolutely! Can anyone learn the productivity hacks needed to do it? Absolutely! Bottom line is that most of the “stuff” we fill our to do lists with can be eliminated, delegated or deprioritized. Even with those three things applied, there are still several productivity hacks... Read More

YOUR FIRST RENTAL PROPERTY: Getting past your fears and buying your first house

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Two properties filled with junk. One is a great opportunity, the other nothing but trouble! What made them so different? I want to share simple strategies that help make your first property deal a safe, good and profitable one! Learn how to overcome your fears and buy that first property. Learn how to calculate on... Read More

Great Niche Ideas for No Content and Low Content Books: Work From Home and Make Money Online by Self-Publishing Journals, Notebooks, Diaries, and Blank Gag Books

Start Date: Sep 17, 2019
Are you interested in self-publishing notebooks, journals, diaries, and gag books? Having trouble coming up with niche ideas? You’ve come to the right place then. Why? Because this book is all about niches. As a matter of fact, that is the singular focus of this book. This book features over 100 different niche ideas. Buy... Read More

10 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Wholesaling Rock Star!: Transform Your Life from “Surviving” to Thriving!

Start Date: Sep 16, 2019
Building a successful real estate wholesaling business is easy if you know the rules.Getting your start in real estate wholesaling and investing doesn’t require a lot of cash, good credit, or experience. You need a proven, step-by-step plan that is easy to follow and implement. When I started in real estate, I wasn’t given this... Read More

You Can Build A Profitable Online Business and Love Every Minute of It… Now!

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019
You Can Build A Profitable Online Business Just From Home and Love Every Minute of It… Now! LIMITED-TIME OFFER– Get Free Instant Access to my new Case Study that shows exactly “How I Built A 7-Figure Online Business In Just 30 Days! (Even with no product, no mailing list, and no prior business knowledge) –... Read More

Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break Any Bad Habit

Start Date: Sep 8, 2019
LEARN:: How to Break Bad Habits and Build Powerful, Positive Routines Do you: Often snack on junk food, watch too much T.V., spend too much money or binge eat? Wish you could stop smoking or drinking excessively? Have a small (but annoying) habit you’d like to break? We all have a specific bad habit we’d... Read More

You are dying, and your world is a lie (Epic series Book 2)

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
What is pain? What is discomfort? Is it something terrible, something to be avoided… or is it the very thing that lets us know that we are alive? The modern world has sold us on a lie. The lie says that to live is to be comfortable. To live is to be free of struggle.... Read More

Simplify Your Pursuit of Success (Six Simple Steps to Success Book 1)

Start Date: Aug 30, 2019
Find the Success You’ve Been Searching For What is it you’ve yearned to BE? A writer? An entrepreneur? A great parent? What is it you’ve longed to DO? Leave a legacy? Change a piece of the world? Change yourself? Maybe you’ve come to believe that success is only for others, and not for you. Don’t... Read More

1% Success Habits: 10 Daily Habits to Crush Your Day

Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
How did the top 1% of successful people in the world like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and Jay Shetty get to where they are today? Habits. They developed habits so that their good behaviours became automatic. In this book, founder of the educational organization and YouTube channel OnePercentBetter—Brandon Nankivell shares his top ten success habits.... Read More

Get More Done in Less Time: How to Be More Productive and Stop Procrastinating: (Increase Productivity, Overcome Procrastination, and Get Motivated) (Productivity & Motivation 101)

Start Date: Aug 21, 2019
Special price today only! Regularly $4.99 Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself? Would you like to achieve your goals quicker and have more free time to enjoy yourself? How would your life change if you could triple, even quadruple your productivity? This book provides you with actionable steps that some of the most... Read More

Officiating Weddings: Start a Profitable Business Marrying Couples

Start Date: Aug 18, 2019
This book will walk you through all the steps needed to establish yourself as a reputable, well paid, and in-demand Officiant, including: •Guidance on how to establish your business•Ideas for advertising your services•Advice on pricing your services and getting paid•Guidance for meeting with your clients•Instructions for conducting the rehearsal•Guidance on how to officiate the wedding... Read More

Interview Questions: “The One Interview Question” 63 Experts & Their One Go-To Question

Start Date: Aug 18, 2019
We review 63 interview-experts from media articles entitled: “The one interview question” and its variations. The goal is to : understand what top-interviewer expect from their “one” interview question and leverage those insights to create improved behavioral awareness for candidates. That is it. Since behavioral awareness is not specifically discussed in interview training the hope... Read More

Amazon FBA: The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On Amazon FBA (amazon fba, selling on amazon, amazon fba business, amazon business, amazon selling, amazon selling secrets)

Start Date: Aug 14, 2019
#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Discover Proven Steps And Strategies To Sell More Online Than You Ever Dreamed Of! This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use... Read More

How To Save Jobs: Reinventing Business, Reinvigorating Work, and Reawakening the American Dream

Start Date: Aug 11, 2019
A shocking and disturbing look into how changes worldwide have created enormous disruption in the very nature of jobs in America. Ideas, strategies, and innovative approaches for policy change that could make a real difference and help save and create jobs in America. Powerfully effective hands-on tips, techniques, and strategies that you personally can take... Read More

Content Strategy for Learning Content

Start Date: Aug 9, 2019
So, you made all this great content to help your users learn your product. You want everyone to see it right? Well, of course you do! Learn about the strategies and processes the plucky Learn team at Adobe used to create and market their learning content to millions of users. Read More

Dominate Your Market: A Confident Approach to Selling That Will Double Your Business

Start Date: Aug 2, 2019
Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident sales person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. Dominate Your Market is a more confident approach to selling that will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing sales professional.... Read More

A BiggerPockets Guide: How to Rent Your House

Start Date: Jul 30, 2019
Described as “hands down, the best freaking article on renting your home, period,” this short, easy-to-read guide from – The Premier Online Social Network for Real Estate Investors – is packed full of actionable tips gained from years of real estate investing trial-and-error. The techniques shared within this guide will walk you through the... Read More

Stand Alone, Inventor!: And Make Money with Your New Product Ideas!

Start Date: Jul 29, 2019
From the creator of four successful inventions, each posting sales in the millions, these step-by-step lessons and real-life experiences will help aspiring inventors move ahead and succeed with a new product idea. Beginning with the basics of what to invent, how to test it cheaply to see if it will sell, and how to protect... Read More

Management Development Through Cultural Diversity

Start Date: Jul 29, 2019
This stimulating, clearly written and well-structured text is a comprehensive introduction to the principles of management and organisational behaviour, as well as a corrective to the eurocentric bias of most management texts. It develops a trans-cultural perspective which draws on insights from across the world to examine different management styles, cultures and stages of business... Read More

Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself

Start Date: Jul 29, 2019
Learn The Secret To Building A Better Life Author Harry Hoover learned these secrets while working for a creative agency, and now he shares creativity 101 with readers. Born Creative teaches you that: Being able to spot issues and solve problems is a competitive advantage in any setting Building your creative confidence boosts your self-confidence... Read More

How to Live Forever (Epic series Book 4)

Start Date: Jul 28, 2019
We all want to live forever, but we shouldn’t. We’re not supposed to. Ironically, if we could literally live every single day that time and space have left, our lives would be almost meaningless. It’s the end of lives that cause them to matter. But your life, short as it is — and perhaps because... Read More

Stop selling, start connecting: Building your business? Love creating clients!

Start Date: Jul 28, 2019
Do you want to build rewarding long-term client relationships? Then stop selling the traditional way and start connecting.This book introduces you to an alternative sales mindset that helps you be effective at sales by being boldly authentic.Why push hard for a sale when you can create clients in the same way you make friends?By downloading... Read More

How to Become Wealthy: Low Risk Strategies to Start a Business and Build Wealth

Start Date: Jul 27, 2019
This ebook explains why the only way to get rich is to get lucky. Self-employment also requires luck. For example, a moderate and limited correlation exists between IQ and income, but there is no correlation between IQ and net worth (or self-employment). These data suggest that wealth is either a result of pure luck or... Read More

How to Think Bigger: Aim Higher, Get More Motivated, and Accomplish Big Things

Start Date: Jul 23, 2019
How to Get More Motivated, Set Bigger Goals, and Achieve More by Thinking Bigger Have you ever wondered what separates people who think bigger from people who set their bar low? What makes one person accept low standards and another person to constantly raise them? Why does one person strive to build an international organization... Read More

Free Innovation (The MIT Press)

Start Date: Jul 23, 2019
A leading innovation scholar explains the growing phenomenon and impact of free innovation, in which innovations developed by consumers and given away “for free.” In this book, Eric von Hippel, author of the influential Democratizing Innovation, integrates new theory and research findings into the framework of a “free innovation paradigm.” Free innovation, as he defines... Read More

The International Business Dress Code (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LANGUAGE CODE Book 4)

Start Date: Jul 22, 2019
Brand a personal image across the globe International Business Language (IBL) Code is a premier guide for executives, businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, and more seeking to brand a personal image across the globe.Let yourself be understood and appreciated with the help of the IBL Code. Tami Lancut Leibovitz assists you in your effort to get... Read More

Everyday Questions For Success: 365 Powerful Questions to Inspire Business and Personal Growth (LD Leadership Development Book 3)

Start Date: Jul 22, 2019
Asking the right question at a the right time changes everything. Just for you, this book includes access to bonus material! Powerful questions are used by business leaders, consultants, coaches and project managers to solve problems, move work forward, overcome obstacles, grow their businesses and their people. Now you have, in this collection, the power... Read More

The Business Plan Blueprint: How To Create A Powerful Business Plan That Gets Your Business Funded Quickly (Business Plan To Help Fund Your Small or Medium-Sized Business Book 1)

Start Date: Jul 21, 2019
Free video training for business owners – get the step-by-step system I have used with dozens of clients to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their businesses from lenders and investors-> (just copy and paste into your browser). This Business Plan Blueprint highlights relevant information about your business and presents it in a... Read More

Social Media Marketing for Publishers

Start Date: Jul 15, 2019
Marketing your books or publishing brand through social media needn’t be confusing! This eBook is the essential Publisher’s Handbook to all social media activities that you need to know about. Social media marketing expert Liz Murray guides you through a series of social media topics by making the subject matter easy to understand, engaging and... Read More

Overcoming Your FBA Fears

Start Date: Jul 12, 2019
Too many times in our FBA businesses, we let our fears hold us back from achieving our fullest potential. In this book we address ten of the most common fears in running an FBA business. The goal of this book is to replace your fears with truths and challenge you to take actions that will... Read More

Investing For Beginners (Introduction to Investing)

Start Date: Jul 11, 2019
The Best Guide to Getting Started Investing You’ll Find Anywhere What Does Your Retirement Look Like? If you are like most Americans, you don’t know how you’re are going to retire. Pensions have almost completely disappeared and the financial future of Social Security has many worried. This book shows you how to take control of... Read More