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Fantastic Creatures: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology

Start Date: May 15, 2019
Here be dragons … and selkies and griffins and maybe even a mermaid or two. Twenty fantasy authors band together to bring you a collection of thrilling tales and magical monsters. Do you like to slay dragons? Or befriend them? Do you prefer to meet cephalopods as gigantic kraken or adorable tree octopuses? Each story... Read More

Game, Set, Match (Love Match Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 18, 2019
I am a cautionary tale…The tennis golden boy who trusted the wrong person. And now my image and my body have taking a beating. On the court, I’m down forty-love. But I’m wiser now. I won’t make the same mistake again. All I have to do is convince the woman I loved and left behind... Read More

Piper Dreams Part One: Seize it (The Dreams Trilogy Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 13, 2019
Piper needs an adventure. Brody’s looking for an escape. Can two people find what they need on the open road?“If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!” “Anyone with a heart should read this story…” – Reviews Journalist hopeful, Piper Rowe is searching for a story–the perfect lead to get her a... Read More

Awaken At Twilight (A Vampire Anthology)

Start Date: Jul 5, 2019
Eight dark fantasy vampire stories to sink your teeth into. 1) Soul Rebel – C.J. Pinard2) Deadly Beauties – C.M. Owens3) Crush – Chrissy Peebles4) Blood & Wings – J & L Wells5) Wicked – Kristen Middleton6) Courage Runs Red – W.J. May7) Blair (Daughter’s of Darkness) Chrissy Peebles8) Victoria (Daughter’s of Darkness) W.J. May... Read More

Shameless (Nashville Nights, #1)

Start Date: Aug 4, 2019
Trey Turner’s always been a man on a mission. Top the country music charts. Check. Win all the awards. Check. Earn a fortune. Check. Millions of adoring fans. Check. But he doesn’t count on losing everything in the process…his wife…his baby girl…his battle with the bottle… his muse. He’s a shell of his former self,... Read More

Divorce, Interrupted (The Lake Willowbee Series Book 1)

Start Date: Oct 12, 2018
Book 1 – The Lake Willowbee Series Newly-divorced Todd and Lisa Miller are stranded at their mountain cabin. There to divide a lifetime of memories, they soon are in danger from more than the anger between them. A vicious storm forces them to rely on each other to survive. Can they trust the one person... Read More

Darlings of Paranormal Romance (Anthology)

Start Date: May 28, 2019
A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first stories by your favorite women authors. This is twelve works of fiction from some of today’s most exciting authors. 12 thrilling stories in one volume. 12 sexy heroes. 12 strong heroines. *Click on the ‘inside the book’ feature for a more detailed look, and see... Read More

Ice Creams at Carrington’s: Part One, Chapters 1–7 of 26

Start Date: Jul 17, 2018
The third book in the delightful series, set in Carrington’s Department Store. Alexandra Brown’s new novel, Ice Creams at Carrington’s, has been serialized into 4 parts – this is PART 1 OF 4 (Chapters 1 to 7 of 26). *The first three parts of Ice Creams at Carrington’s are being released every few days from... Read More

Bullets into Bells: Poets & Citizens Respond to Gun Violence

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
A powerful call to end American gun violence from celebrated poets and those most impacted Focused intensively on the crisis of gun violence in America, this volume brings together poems by dozens of our best-known poets, including Billy Collins, Patricia Smith, Natalie Diaz, Ocean Vuong, Danez Smith, Brenda Hillman, Natasha Threthewey, Robert Hass, Naomi Shihab... Read More

Break Me

Start Date: Jun 21, 2018
Detective Jane Anthony has been a good cop in Tempe, Arizona, for over ten years. But after a tragedy occurs on her watch, her status within the department quickly changes, and she becomes the target of much criticism among her peers. With no better choice, Jane decides to leave Arizona and embark on a new... Read More

Four and a Half Shades of Fantasy Anthology: 4 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Books; including vampire, werwolves, witches, tattoos, supernatural powers and more

Start Date: Feb 17, 2019
4 (and a half) thrilling fantasy/romance genres in one! From bestselling author W.J. May – each shade is a different genre of the fantasy, paranormal and romance – all from different series! There are four (and a half – because two paranormal genres are similar) *UPDATE* full version of Courage Runs Red now included! 5... Read More

Dare Me

Start Date: Jun 5, 2019
How does a professional quarterback superstar score a touchdown with a woman he doesn’t have time to pursue? He sends his twin brother to stand in for him until the season is over. In the process, he is shown a world of opportunities as his brother takes him play-by-play and makes him long for the... Read More

F*ck Buddy: Adult Romance

Start Date: May 4, 2019
This the hottest new contemporary romance from bestselling author Lucia Jordan! As co-owner of the Birkelind Art Gallery, Rylee Davis is always on the lookout for new and promising talent. So when a friend of hers returns from North Carolina with an exquisitely dark and dynamic sculpture, Rylee is determined to sign its reclusive, though... Read More

Seeing Her Secrets: A Bad Boy Stranger Romance

Start Date: May 11, 2019
When Stacy Carrington shuns an enigmatic man, she meets in a bar, thinking his arrogance is the worst possible character trait anyone could have, what she doesn’t realize is that it is her own misconceptions that are to be the weapon of her downfall. Stacy discovers the man to be her new supervisor and must... Read More

My Donut Princess: A military romance novella: (stand alone) (The Guilty Series Book 4)

Start Date: Nov 14, 2018
It’s not easy being the Donut Princess. Parties around the world.Unlimited budget.Living in a luxury hotel.Full-time security. Which was how I found myself being guarded by a Navy SEAL I hated. Aaron was bossy, as unrelenting an asshole as he was stupidly attractive. Nope. Not going there. Socialites don’t fall for the help. … But... Read More

Sealed with a Kiss (Emerald Lake Billionaires Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
A billionaire, an emerald lake, and a lifetime’s worth of happy endings. USA Today Bestselling Author, Leeanna Morgan, brings you a heartwarming Christmas story of unconditional love, its challenges, its risks and most of all, its rewards. John Fletcher is used to living his life on the edge. He’s an ex-Navy SEAL and the owner... Read More


Start Date: Nov 11, 2018
A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Whipped’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion. ‘Burke is the missing piece to Avery’s puzzle, but is he as perfect as he seems?’ Avery Martin’s life screeched to a halt ten years ago when a drunk... Read More

Hot Summer Nights: A Beachwood Bay Collection

Start Date: Jul 12, 2019
Send your temperature soaring with these FOUR short and sexy summer reads by New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace – FREE for a limited time! In UNTOUCHED, Juliet and Emerson are from two different worlds, but their fates collide during one hot summer in Beachwood Bay. In UNREQUITED, Alicia finds the cure for heartbreak... Read More

TOTALLY SCREWED: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance Collection (Marine, MMA, BWWM)

Start Date: May 31, 2019
A BAD BOY ROMANCE COLLECTION full of your favorite authors from the Scribble XO Book Club! Hunky billionaires, bad boys, models, military men and more! A fantastic collection full of sizzling pages of love, suspense and captivation romance. Inside is a Gift just for you! JasmineI never thought that it would come to this. I’ve... Read More

Incubus Among Us #1 (Shifter Romance)

Start Date: Feb 26, 2019
One night can change your life. For Elizabeth Monroe that night encompassed a chance meeting with a handsome, alluring stranger. Her little act of kindness towards him unleashes deliciously sensual consequences that leave her breathless. Every fiber in her body demands she succumb to his advances, but as she learns his true nature she realizes... Read More

Snowman Shivers: Two Dark Humor Tales About Snowmen

Start Date: Jul 9, 2018
You might never build another snowman again! If you ever cast an uncomfortable glance over your shoulder when passing the silent snowy sentinels that stand looking at you as you pass on the icy sidewalk, if you’ve ever questioned what might really happen if the old silk hat placed on Frosty the Snowman’s head was... Read More

BestsellerBound Short Story Anthology Volume 3

Start Date: Jul 18, 2018
A collection of tales by a variety of authors. Stories include: Winter Blues by Maria Savva Skins by Jess C. Scott Whisperer by Jaleta Clegg The Wars Within by Jaime McDougall The Old Bookshop by Julie Elizabeth Powell Scale of a Dragon by J. Michael Radcliffe Counting Blessings Along the Horseshoe Canyon by Sharon E.... Read More

Book Bites 6 (Authors’ Billboard Book Bites)

Start Date: Jun 2, 2018
Give yourself a summertime treat. Get this sampler of romantic suspense chapters and choose your next favorite author. Masters of the genre introduce you to compelling characters like a French Count, a navy pilot, star-crossed lovers, FBI hostage negotiators, terrorist victims, and more. Plus, drop in to meet a hero who’s every woman’s dream turn... Read More

Dancing with the Duke: 0 (Landing a Lord)

Start Date: Apr 26, 2019
DANCING WITH THE DUKE is a standalone prequel to Suzanna Medeiros’s LANDING A LORD series. She’s loved him for years…Charlotte Grant can’t remember a time when she didn’t love her best friend’s older brother. He’s never noticed her …The Duke of Clarington hadn’t spared a thought for his sister’s friend in years. Their situations are... Read More

Glimpse: A New World

Start Date: Jun 4, 2018
Step through the door, and get a Glimpse into a new world. This thrilling anthology includes twenty-two stories, written by some of today’s most talented authors. Be tempted and fascinated with peeks into worlds of Ghosts, Vampires, and Fantasy, to Crime and Science Fiction. Many of these short stories are brand new, penned just for... Read More

Temptation Book One & Two: Special Edition

Start Date: Jul 3, 2019
Presented for the first time as a Special Edition are Books One and Two of Lucia Jordan’s Bestselling series, ‘Temptation’. Good-girl nurse Annabel Webster comes to San Francisco for a dinner date with her boyfriend. They stop for a quick romp at a club, where she encounters Dr. Thornton Silver, a globe-trotting playboy with a... Read More


Start Date: Apr 14, 2019
Molecular biologist Dr. Carl Peters is under pressure on two fronts: his research grants are disappearing and his marriage is falling apart. But when medical researchers discover that genetically modified animal feed has tainted the food chain, he finally gets the funding he always dreamed of. Dr. Peters discovers the reason behind the cancer link... Read More

Under the Lilacs

Start Date: Sep 3, 2019
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. Read More

Fearless Dawn / Asylum Press Sampler: Free Comic Book 2016 #1

Start Date: May 29, 2019
A great way to introduce Fearless Dawn to retailers and fans. Featuring a sampling on new and upcoming comics by Steve Mannion. Fearless Dawn:Chibi Finale— Steve Mannion’s bodacious bad girl is back in this superbly drawn comic book masterpiece! Steve Mannion’s feisty action hero is back! Can she escape the clutches of “One-Eyed Hans”? Tune... Read More

Bite-Sized Stories: A Multi-Genre Flash Fiction Anthology (Flash Flood Book 1)

Start Date: Jun 24, 2018
33 Flash Fiction Stories for Life’s Stolen Moments From a creepypasta horror farm to a bullish love tale and from the bloody metal deck of the ESS Arclight to superhero octopus food trucks, you can transform your shortest stolen moments into utter delights with this diverse collection of 33 flash fiction stories. Commuting to work?... Read More

Shadow of the Moon #1 (Werewolf Shifter Romance)

Start Date: May 25, 2018
Detective Maria Selena’s nights were just like her days, long and boring. That is, until she answers a midnight call about a suspicious person and meets a mysterious stranger with yellow eyes. His alluring gaze and sensual bite lead her down a path of seduction and lust that threatens to engulf both halves of her... Read More


Start Date: Aug 3, 2018
Jennifer’s life leaves much to be desired. She’s career driven and absolutely married to her job, though it’s no matter—her situation seems to be going fine for her. She has no complaints, but maybe she just doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. No less, in the hope of finding some much needed time away... Read More

Fearless Dawn / Asylum Press Sampler: Free Comic Book 2013

Start Date: Mar 4, 2019
A great way to introduce Fearless Dawn and Asylum Press to retailers and fans. Featuring a sampling on new and upcoming comics. Fearless Dawn:In Outer Space features Steve Mannion’s bodacious bad girl is back in this superbly drawn comic book masterpiece! In this issue, Fearless Dawn’s arch nemesis Helga Von Krause is at it again,... Read More

All of Me (The Bridesmaids Club Book 1)

Start Date: Mar 16, 2019
Four friends. Twenty-two bridesmaids’ dresses. One random act of kindness that will change their lives forever. Tess has given up looking for Mr. Right, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on love. When she reads a newspaper article about a young couple who’ve had everything stolen from their home, including four bridesmaids dresses, she... Read More

Finding Pride (Pride Series Romance Novels Book 1)

Start Date: Apr 27, 2019
Megan Kimble has finally freed herself from years of abuse at the hands of her ex. Now she can finally start a new life and figure out just who she really is. When her brother Matt dies suddenly, she takes a big risk and moves cross country to live in his house and take over... Read More

Book Bites 2 (Authors’ Billboard Book Bites)

Start Date: May 25, 2018
Do you love stories of men and women falling in love against a backdrop of suspense and danger? Secret agents. Hidden identities. Lovers forced to revisit a dangerous past. Innocent women who stumble into murder. Long-buried secrets. Games of cat and mouse. If so, here’s an anthology for you. Book Bites #2 lets you sample... Read More

Apothecary: Fantasy Anthology

Start Date: May 31, 2018
A shady apothecary plies its craft, a giant wolf stalks a village, while a frost giant—the last of his kind—embarks on a quest to rid the world of magic. Dragons, elves and demons abound in this dark fantasy anthology of short stories and flash fiction, blending elements of fairy tale, fable and epic fantasy into... Read More

Christmas Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance Anthology

Start Date: Nov 14, 2018
A shifter’s mate is in the stars… but sometimes that rugged alpha hero or sassy heroine is waiting under the mistletoe for his or her one true love. Christmas Kisses is a boxed set of ALL NEW short stories set in Zodiac Shifters, a collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries... Read More

Zap Tales: True Stories from Behind Bars

Start Date: Oct 22, 2018
After going to prison, Zap Tales was left with one thing to truly call his own: his words. He started posting his musing and stories to the ZapTales website, and later went on to publish his book, The Fourth Side. Now he brings his collection of short stories to ebook form for easier reading. Sometimes... Read More