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Every Reasonable Doubt (Vernetta Henderson Series Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 19, 2019
When attorneys Vernetta Henderson and Neddy McClain are tapped to take on the biggest case of their careers, they are less than thrilled about working together. Their strained relationship, however, is the least of their problems. Their socialite client—charged with the brutal murder of her husband—is demanding an immediate dismissal of the case. But a... Read More

Ratchet Wives Club Original: Episode One

Start Date: Sep 16, 2019
*Re-edited in February 2016* Betrayal.Amibiton.Sex.Wives of DC’s biggest ballers.Each hiding a dark secret…They’re all RATCHET. MICHAELAHas everything a woman could dream of. Certified bad bitch with a sexy husband, adorable daughter, money making law career… And an addiction to coke.MAYAMichaela’s little sister. Just quit being a video model, owes her ex thousands and trying to... Read More

Love Under Attack (FRU Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 13, 2019
Revised: See belowMy mama warned me not to screw my boss. I should have listened. Imara Winters is a part-time professor at Far Rockaway University. She loved her students, her co-workers and her school and one new college President threatened her future with them all. T. R. Matthews fired half the staff and started his... Read More

Torn between A Thug & A Boss (complicated love series Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 13, 2019
All the odds were stacked up against Alivia when she grew up. She never knew her father, barely knew her drug-addicted mother but managed to somehow find a way to seek out a life for herself. She is willing to do do whatever she has to do to make her money. Yet, she’s still not... Read More

Qualified Immunity (A Casey Cort Novel Book 2)

Start Date: Sep 12, 2019
“QUALIFIED IMMUNITY… is a “must read” intriguing new series.” -J Collins“Great Read! Loved the twists and turns.” -Y Little One thread pulled, everything unravels.  Sheila Harrison Grant is the first African American woman ever nominated to the federal bench in Cleveland. But when her thirteen-year-old daughter Olivia shares a family secret with a well-meaning guidance... Read More

Fire and Ice (Part 1)

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
This book (BWWM, Interracial, African American, and Multicultural) is for individuals 18 and over. Nicole:“When you’re eighteen and your hormones are raging, anything can happen, and it usually does if your head is in the air, and you see a handsome boy that you feel you can’t do without because he’s sucking up all your... Read More

Lust and Lies (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
JR was young, single, making money, enjoying life and on top of her game as a successful event manager in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University, she focused most of her life on her career, driven by the need to prove herself while working in a men’s field. Atlanta was all about keeping... Read More

The Billionaire’s Scandal (A BWWM Interracial Romance)

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
Arrange marriage is one thing, but having an arranged marriage with irresistible billionaire, Marcus Goldman, is another! Especially when there is a strict rule of no sex before marriage. Will Naomi continue to abide by the rules, or will find herself tempted by the passion she feels for this sexy bad boy? Find out in... Read More

The Billionaire’s Game (A BWWM Interracial Romance)

Start Date: Sep 10, 2019
Marriage with billionaire Brent was a perfect dream for Tanya at first. But as Brent’s job keeps him busy night after night, the distance between the two begins to grow just as their intimacy fades. But when a handsome and mysterious man shows up at her doorstep, Tanya finds herself vulnerable to his bad boy... Read More

FeMALE TRAITS (FeMALE TRAITS “The Trilogy” Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 9, 2019
– the story of sexy, smart and very married Grace Trufant and her playa lifestyle. She is married to a successful, loving husband but somehow she requires more attention than this fine upstanding man can offer. She plays hard; in fact she is a playa in her own right. But Grace forgets that Game recognizes... Read More

The Pleasure of pain

Start Date: Sep 8, 2019
In this twisted tale you will be introduced to Tess, Iris, Vanessa, Ebony and Bless who find out that The Pleasure of Pain is a true testament that we always want what we shouldn’t have. Tess is a strong determined business woman by the day and queen of the streets by night. She will stop... Read More

Choosing The Wrong Baby Daddy (All In The Family Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
Drama is something Desiree Jackson wants to avoid. As a struggling single mom, she wants to focus on taking care of her baby. She does whatever she has to do to make ends meet—even if it means working the pole. With a deadbeat ex, who broke her heart, she isn’t looking for another relationship. That... Read More

Lesson That Taught Love

Start Date: Sep 7, 2019
Who could’ve thought love could teach you things? Following in his father’s footsteps, it’s been ages since Kit “Lucky” Parrish left his small town of Wheelwright, Kentucky to serve his country. Nine years of triumph haven’t come without life-altering tours of loss, as Kit returns a different man. Determined to adjust to civilian life while... Read More


Start Date: Sep 5, 2019
Who’s the daddy is a hot new tv show that has everyone clamoring for their 60 minutes of fame. It’s host, Caden Robinson is fine as wine and should be a guest instead of it’s host. Who’s the daddy’s money pot grows by leaps and bounds as chicks scramble to find their baby daddy and... Read More

KANDY KANE ADDICKION: Chronicles Of A Nympho

Start Date: Sep 5, 2019
Kandy is a chocolate, twenty one year old that is strikingly beautiful. She grew up in a small town called Gadsden, Alabama. She considered herself a pampered princess. Her family had the money and the power; but lost everything ten years ago when her father was brutally murdered by his best friend.Craving her old lifestyle... Read More

Giving Him More To Love: A BBW Romance (african american, bbw, urban)

Start Date: Sep 5, 2019
This is what happens when your curves work for you and against you… Adrian Hartford, a professional football player, finally believes that he’s met the girl of his dreams, Keisha. But his confidence is shattered when he tries to tell his friends she’s thicker than most. Find out how this steamy romance takes a crooked... Read More

If She Were Blind (The After Twelve Series Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 4, 2019
Laney Wylde was named a winning author in the 2018 Southern California Book Festival for Best General Fiction Novel of the Year. When the courtroom fails, lawyer Estlyn Collins delivers justice outside the legal system. She refuses to rely on others— but when a sinister figure from her past comes back to haunt her, she’ll... Read More

A Tangled Web: A BWWM Love Story (Dangerous Secrets Book 1)

Start Date: Sep 2, 2019
Kimberly Jordan never meant to hurt anyone.But once a DNA test reveals her longtime boyfriend, Damien, is her half-brother, plus she finds out she’s pregnant, she will go to any length to hide her horrible secret.Unfortunately for Kent Davenport, he’s the perfect fall guy for her plan, having recently revealed his love for her. But... Read More

Real Bitches Do Real Things

Start Date: Sep 2, 2019
Los Angeles detective, Matt Figg, has been having a hard time nabbing Kamau and Neeta Bryant, two of America’s most wanted drug kingpins. And when a prominent member of their criminal empire is finally apprehended, prosecutors give her immunity to tell her story. Detective Figg is the expert interrogator. The perp in custody is reportedly... Read More

Sophie Washington: Queen of the Bee

Start Date: Sep 2, 2019
AN AMAZON BEST SELLING BOOK FOR KIDS! This entertaining, illustrated, middle grade chapter book is the series opener.Sign up for the spelling bee? No way! If there’s one thing 10-year-old Texan Sophie Washington is good at, it’s spelling. She’s earned straight 100s on all her spelling tests to prove it. Her parents want her to... Read More

Truth Hurts, Lies Kill

Start Date: Sep 1, 2019
At only 18, SK is young, ruthless and on the run. After committing a crime that forces him out of his home state of South Carolina, he finds himself all alone in the streets of Philadelphia. Without a familiar face to turn to, SK is forced to learn to survive. Miraculously, with all the odds... Read More

Getting Out Of The Game

Start Date: Sep 1, 2019
Veora Arnold is working hard to climb from underneath her man’s, Zhaire Simon, shadow and ascend the ranks of the Spider Gang. While she loves him and the gang, she is beginning to question whether the life is sustainable, much to the delight of her secret love and high school sweetheart, Ethridge Nash. For the... Read More

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Side Chicks

Start Date: Aug 31, 2019
Side Chicks don’t know their place…but one wife is here to remind them of where they belong. Remember when side chicks were undercover and ashamed of the men they slept with? Those days are long gone. Side bitches are bold in their quest to steal husbands and boyfriends without any remorse. But their reign is... Read More

When Love Hurts (Jaylen and Jessica Book 1)

Start Date: Aug 31, 2019
I’ve lost my grandmother to a heart attack, the house to foreclosure, and now I’m living in Chicago with a man I swear is cheating on me. I thought he was my soul mate but I was wrong, and now I feel…I just feel…. “I love this book…I couldn’t put this book down!”-honesty (reader/reviewer) “This... Read More

The Run Up

Start Date: Aug 31, 2019
Dante Delacruz was the newly drafted Primetime Football Player and running back for a prominent Texas football team. He loves the game, but he’s also known for his lustful ways with the ladies. He injures his shoulder on the first game of the season and soon after meets Santana Crane, a highly qualified married physical... Read More

Marrying a Billionaire: The Arrangement

Start Date: Aug 30, 2019
What was supposed to be a fun weekend for Alani and her friends in Las Vegas, started as a day from hell. It wasn’t the rush to get to the airport, it wasn’t the long lines, but it was an entitled, angry billionaire who had to fly commercial because his jet wasn’t ready. Alani Cole... Read More

Through The Eyes Of A Hoodrat

Start Date: Aug 29, 2019
The past is past, Forgive, forget, The truth is, You ain’t seen nothing yet …. MEET THE ULTIMATE HOODRAT! Sierra is a trifling hoe that cares only for herself despite the fact that she has three children who depend on her. Sucking, fucking, scheming, and living off of her children consume her life as she... Read More

Can I Taste It 2: Can I Taste It Again

Start Date: Aug 29, 2019
Nolan’s appreciation for beauty has landed him in a new world of trouble How will the top male escort in the game get out of a tough situation such as this one? And who can he trust to help him out of it? He’s madly in love with the top female escort in the game,... Read More

Love & War

Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
Tiffany is in love. But with any love, there is always sacrifice. The man she loves is deeply in the streets, and Tiffany has no idea. Not until she’s thrust right in the middle of a brewing war, unbeknownst to her. When blood outweighs right, wrong, and love, what’s a girl to do? Antonio is... Read More


Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
Layla Austin had her daughter’s at an early age, so early in fact that she acts more like an annoying ass sister than a mother. She taught her daughter’s how to play a man (only those with money, broke mofos need not apply). To get all she could before moving on, holding down a job... Read More

Custody Battle

Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
You would think that every woman wants a man that works hard, pays the bills, and still manages to be a good father and take care of her needs. Right? Shonte’ had all of that, but it still wasn’t good enough for her. Being rejected by Darrell after previously doing him dirty, Shonte’s scandalous, ratchet... Read More

The Panty Ripper PT 1

Start Date: Aug 27, 2019
Reality Way introduces to the world Omar Goodness better known as The Panty Ripper. Omar has it all smarts, the looks and plenty of money in his bank account. The one thing he’s lacking is a woman that he can call his own. That is until he meets a woman that he can’t seem to... Read More

I Had His Love First: Sneak Peek Edition: African American Romance

Start Date: Aug 21, 2019
SNEAK PEEK EDITION Full Story Available Now: No one remembers who came in 2nd… There has never been a shortage of drama between Samantha and her sister Adriana. From the womb they have always been in competition and that doesn’t stop when it comes to Men. When Samantha tries to introduce her sister to... Read More

What’s Done in The Dark: Season 1: African American Urban Fiction

Start Date: Aug 21, 2019
Secrets are easier than the truth…and more deadly ****READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED**** Meet the Burnett family and the beginning of the What’s Done in the Dark saga. Terry goes to jail and comes out a little bit different. After being gone for 5 years, Terry finds that he has entered a new prison... Read More

1989, The Number (BreakBeat Poets)

Start Date: Aug 21, 2019
1989, the number is an exploration of the year 1989 through politics, personal history and culture. This chapbook plays like a mixtape incorporating the hottest records and stories of 89 and reflecting their relevance for today. Read More

Savage Bitches

Start Date: Aug 18, 2019
Welcome to the Savage Life Monique has never had it easy but when she gets into a little trouble she decides to move to St.Louis and start over. But Monique doesn’t know that there is no escaping the savages and the haters especially moving to the murder capital. She meets Draya and Rayna, two sisters... Read More

Ghetto Roulette: Playing with a Broken Heart

Start Date: Aug 18, 2019
Sasha and Jeana are two women that believe they are on their way to bigger and better things by any means necessary.To them all that matter is the bottom line of lining their pockets.Until fate is taking out of their hands as past dark deeds come to collect what is do.And they find themselves caught... Read More