You’re the Mecca I never want to visit : and other poems

Did I ever meet You? The simple answer is No, I never wanted to. A simpler answer is Yes, millions of times, in the gravity of spaces, in the eternity of moments, in the vortex of storms, in mellow dusks, and in grains of sands… You are ‘now’ and ‘here’. And You are ‘never’ and ‘nowhere’. Here is a collection of poems from the deepest chasms of unfulfilled desires and solitary musings, that somehow make the unbearable bearable, with just a whiff of ecstasy at the border of dejection, just the hint of a dream at the edge of doom, just a sublime hope at the end of the subconscious sorrow. They unsettle and ruffle peace and are unending journeys within oneself. Let the catharsis begin. Let intricate turbulence be expressed. Let the journey itself be relished and imbibed. Let the heart transcend the commonplace and the expected into forbidden realms and uncharted territories. Let the zing simmer. Let the passion live!

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