Vivian Rising

“A super fun read with everything you could want: romance, fortune telling, and a makeover (of the soul)!” – #1 New York Times Bestseller Meg Cabot

“. . . powerful stuff and also very funny.” – Sydney Morning Herald 

“ . . . you’ll be cheering her on as she loosens her tight grip on the past and embraces a life on her own two feet.” – Women’s Weekly

Vivian Sklar has always depended on her wise and feisty grandmother—not just because Grams raised her after Viv’s mother took off twenty years ago, but because she seemed to have life all figured out. So when Grams dies, Viv feels completely alone. Everything she once knew seems unfamiliar and unwelcoming—until she finds hope in a most unlikely place: the cluttered second-story walk-up of an alarmingly perceptive astrologer. Viv thinks horoscopes are about as reliable as fortune cookies, but when Kavia’s first reading dissuades her from taking a train that later crashes, she’s hooked. 

Under Kavia’s guidance, Viv begins to process her grief and rebalance her life. She faces her mother, gets her career back on track, and even shares some meaningful moments with Len, her handsome new neighbor. Every prediction seems to speak directly to Viv’s life, and so far, the stars haven’t steered her wrong. Then the stars tell Viv that the bond she has forged with the insightful yet guarded Len isn’t meant to last. Len has become her greatest source of security and comfort, but just as she settles into his arms—and into his heart—Kavia insists that a relationship with him is dangerous. Now Viv faces a choice: should she follow the path that’s been written in the stars, or trust herself to write her own story? 

Witty and honest, Daniella Brodsky’s charming novel is a powerful tale of moving on, letting go, and keeping the faith—in any form it happens to take. Buy Vivian Rising to turn the page into this unputdownable love story today!

*Includes Book Group Discussion Guide

“If you read one book, make it VIVIAN RISING by Daniella Brodsky.” – SHAPE Magazine

“ . . . poignantly humorous and touching.” – Herald Sun

“The characters are top-notch…makes for a very personal read…Brodsky’s sense of humor and contemporary voice carry a serious message through a funny and uplifting story of love, life, and personal faith.” – Adrienne Crezo, Popsyndicate

“Vivian Rising by Daniella Brodsky is an absolute delight to read.” –
“…I found I could not put this book down, at all.” – Bella Novella

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