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Unforgettable (The New American Royals)

Sometimes love appears on the doorstep, all pretty and shiny. Other times, it’s a hard-fought journey with plenty of casualties.

Gabe Innocenti has a tragic past he doesn’t share with anyone. Few people know why his relationships with women never last beyond the first date. But when he meets Helena, one night becomes two, until the gorgeous brunette is all he can think about.

Helena Clayton is the good sister. She’s sweet, responsible, and follows all the rules. The one who never gives her family a minute of worry. But after Gabe and his lovable retriever show up, all that changes.

Every instinct warns Gabe to stay away, but he can’t get enough of her—until she shares a secret of her own, that sends him running.

Unforgettable is the fourth book in The New American Royals, a family series by Eva Charles. It can be enjoyed as a standalone. If you like raw emotion, steamy sex, and big meddling families, you will love Unforgettable.

Pick up your copy today, and let Eva take you on an unforgettable journey!