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The Warden Threat: A Sci-Fi Counter-Fantasy Novel (Defying Fate Book 1)

Prince Donald, the idealistic third son of the king of Westgrove, believes he may be the only one capable of protecting his country from an invasion spearheaded by an ancient, massive, and magical stone warrior known as the Warden of Mystic Defiance. When he recovers a mysterious scroll he believes may allow him to take control of the Warden, he eagerly takes on the task. Donald, unfortunately, is woefully unprepared. His only understanding of such things comes from reading fictional tales of epic adventures and brave heroes. He dreams of being one, but to his dismay, his quest unfolds nothing like he imagined. The books in his library seriously understate the complexities and hardships involved, and the real world can be much more confusing and complicated than those in stories. Sometimes it is not easy to identify the villains, and what things seem may not always be what they are. The real threat to the kingdom may not even be what everyone seems to think it is. Most disturbing of all is the realization that the hero is not necessarily predestined to save the day. Heroes can fail.

This lighthearted parody is unique—a soft science fiction counter-fantasy, which pokes a fair amount of good-natured fun at the serious tone and dependence on magic common to many epic fantasy adventure genre novels. With its charming and truly likeable characters, witty, intelligent humor, and prose style blending positive science fiction and epic fantasy elements, The Warden Threat is a delight, perfect for readers of these genres yearning for something fresh and different.

This book is also available in the omnibus edition Defying Fate, which includes both The Warden Threat and its sequel, The Warden War. Defying Fate is a Kindle exclusive.