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The Virgin Club: A Sequel Novella (Club Series Book 2)

Can love conquer all? Even for a virgin and a self-proclaimed ex-sex addict?

Fans asked for it: the hilarious and heartwarming sequel to the successful debut novel, The Virgin Club, is finally here!

What Early ARC Readers Are Saying:

“I just finished reading The Virgin Club: A Sequel Novella ARC and I… LOVED IT!”

“OMG Have no idea how you do this. I laughed and also cried… awesome!!”

“I loved the first book, but this was the perfect HEA ending.”

Alex has no problem satisfying Emma in many ways but one: taking her virginity. While Emma is determined to go all the way, Alex’s past comes back to haunt him, including one woman who played Alex’s game better than he did… and she wants him back.

Tired of being seen as “adorable” and afraid of losing Alex before his usual three-month relationship deadline, Emma has less than three weeks to prove she’s just as daring and sexy as any woman from his past… which often ends in disastrous, yet hilarious results.

Will Alex and Emma survive the obstacles and finally have their happily ever after, or will Alex cave and go back to old ways?

The Virgin Club: A Sequel Novella is the funny and sweet second installment of the successful debut novel, The Virgin Club. A feel-good, New Adult Romantic Comedy full of lol moments, lovable characters, strong female bonds, and the perfect happily ever after fans of The Virgin Club were looking for! Told in dual POV.

Although this can technically be read as a standalone, it’s way more fun and highly recommend to start with The Virgin Club first to fully appreciate the story and relationship between Alex and Emma.