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The Unseen Realm: An Introduction To The Realm Of The Supernatural

*** Another Results-producing masterpiece by Best Selling Author Francis Jonah***

When things seem tough and unpredictable in the physical realm, you need to switch to the spirit realm for easy victory.

Many people are stuck in the physical realm and struggling when they shouldn’t.

It is wrong to suffer discomfort when provision has been made for your comfort.

It is wrong to be poor when provision has been made for your prosperity.

It is wrong to be sick when provision has been made for your health.

The most powerful remedy is to switch realms.

It is time to switch the realm of your battle to the unseen realm.

A case in point;

In a physical battle, all seemed lost until the King of Moab switched to the Unseen realm.

He was saved in the battle by a single spiritual act. This spiritual act was so simple yet the impact was so strong that the physical realm had to give way.

A tactical move in the realm of the supernatural guaranteed him salvation and deliverance physically.

Many believers have refused to understand that there are powerful elements in the realm of the unseen or spirit realm that can benefit them.

In this book, you will finish charged for exploits with exposure to several elements of the unseen available to you.

Your prayer life will be stirred.

Your faith will come alive.

Spiritual warfare will be easy.

You will be more than a conqueror.

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