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The Rose of Stone: A Reverse Harem Historical Fiction Romance (The Gargoyles of the Rose Book 0)

As war descends on the land, one woman will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the men she loves and defend an ancient secret that threatens to destroy their world.

The people of Briarlynn Castle thought they were safe. They thought they could never be defeated…that their gargoyle guardians would be enough to protect them and to save England.

They were wrong.

For centuries, the gargoyles and people of Briarlynn have safeguarded an ancient secret. One that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. Now that their home and life as they know it is threatened by invasion, everyone must make a choice.

But the women of Briarlynn are not called Stone Roses for nothing. Emma, the princess of Northumbria, a woman of strength and beauty, a woman whose heart belongs to her gargoyle guardians, will not stand by and watch as her castle, her lovers, or her kingdom fall without a fight…

Experience the shocking prequel to The Gargoyles of the Rose Chronicles, and see where it all began. This series is a sweet historical reverse harem romance.