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The Ghost Mine: Chapter One: Fissure

It was supposed to be another routine day at the mine…

When seismic alerts fill the screens in the Sector 6 science offices, Dr. Etya Stielbard asks her fiancé, Mark Brown, to look into what may be causing them down in the energy mine. At first, Mark brushes her concerns away, but when the radiation levels around him and his fellow workers spike, he thinks twice.

Then the entire sector begins to quake, and cracks split the floor open. Black, toxic gas billows out of the ground, threatening to choke them all.

And worst of all, the sector doors refuse to open. Everyone is trapped inside the mine.

Will Etya and Mark find a way out in time? Or will tragedy strike before they can break free?

Fissure is the first chapter of the chilling science fiction/horror novel The Ghost Mine by award-winning author Ben Wolf. Download it today and take your first step into an adrenaline-packed thrill ride. Just don’t forget to read it with the lights on…