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The Dating Intervention: Book 1 in The Intervention Series

This poignant story of reinvention illustrates the power of friendship in helping us see—and live—our true potential.

At thirty-four, Delaney Collins believes her life is perfect (or at least, perfectly mediocre).

But when her “fail-proof” dating system fails completely, she’s forced to reevaluate her past, present, and future.

Forced, as in her two best friends, Josie Garcia and Summer Gray, stage The Dating Intervention and take complete control of her life … with the kind of tough love and questionable boundaries present only between lifelong friends.

From romance to career (no, Delaney never intended to become a professional bartender, but it’s so much safer than veterinary medicine, which she fled after a traumatic event her first year), Josie and Summer call for Delaney to reinvent herself.

And although Delaney agrees her life needs major renovation, things get sticky when she meets Jake Rhoades, the sexy Greek god of a man who comes to her rescue when she gets in a fender bender.

As Delaney walks the fine line between sticking to The Rules of The Dating Intervention and following her own heart, her best friends help her forge a path to a perfectly imperfect life.


“What a funny and very entertaining romcom Hilary Dartt’s THE DATING INTERVENTION is!” — Amazon reviewer

“Reading this book felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends.” — Amazon Reviewer

“First of all, The Dating Intervention is a really fun romance – the perfect summer read. But it is much more than that. I loved the book’s realistic illustration of how a young woman can sometimes lose herself after a few painful setbacks in life. It doesn’t stop there, though, but goes on to take the reader through Delaney’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant attempts to get her life back on track.” — Amazon reviewer