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The Best of Friends (The Circle of Friends Book 1)

Easy-going Glen Sauten begins his last year of high school unaware that his tranquil life will be the first casualty of Charlie Thornton’s arrival in town.

High school senior Glen is happy just to get by. True, he’s never had a girl friend—serious or otherwise. But he figures he’s got lots of time.

Charlie, the new doctor’s son, seems to have everything: looks, brains, charisma, athletic ability, money, and a shiny new sports car. It isn’t long before he has nearly everyone in the small town in his corner, including Glen.

But not Luke, Glen’s best friend since kindergarten, who dislikes Charlie on sight and longs to wipe that arrogant smile off his face!

Or Nicole, the prettiest girl in town and the pastor’s daughter. She has no intention of dating Charlie—no matter how many times he asks her.

As Glen assists Charlie in his quest to date Nicole while trying to defuse the hostility between Luke and Charlie, he faces major problems—some life-threatening, others life-changing.

If you like heart-warming stories with relatable characters and twisty plots, you’ll love N. J. Lindquist’s Circle of Friends series.

Get The Best of Friends today to enter into Glen’s world.

A coming-of-age series that blends romance, humour, and adventure with a search for the meaning of life.

The Circle of Friends series

1. The Best of Friends
2. With Friends Like These
3. A Friend in Need
4. More Than a Friend


He wanted to know about girls—were there any he hadn’t met yet?

I really couldn’t think of any. Well, just a couple who I didn’t think he’d be interested in…. And then I remembered HER. Why I hadn’t before, I don’t know. She’s everything Charlie could want, and no doubt she’d like him, too. At least, she might. With her, you never can tell.

Charlie noticed that I’d stopped talking. “What are you thinking about? Remember somebody?”

I didn’t know whether to tell him or wait until he spotted her himself. I decided to wait. “Nothing special. If I’ve missed anyone, you’ll soon find out.”