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Summernight: A Tale of Fantasy and Magic (Bridge of Legends Book 1)

From the USA Today bestselling author of Dragon School comes the first novel in a vibrant, intricate fantasy world filled with unexpected adventure.
Legends used to walk the Dragonblood Plains – great heroes now dead who left bloody scars across the face of the world. They are waking.
For Tamerlan – an alchemist’s apprentice, sold to the guild in his teens – the only thing that matters is his desperate quest to save his sister from being sacrificed to the dragon at the height of the Summernight festival.
For Marielle – a Scenter for the Jingen City Watch who can read spiritual residues – all that matters is serving justice to protect her city.
But when Tamerlan stumbles upon an ancient magic that calls the Legends forth, and Marielle scents what he’s done and starts her pursuit, they begin a chain of events that can’t be stopped – a chain that will wake the Legends, call the dragons, and change everything.
Summernight is Book One of the Bridge of Legends series. Leap into this gripping fantasy story of dragons, Legends, and misused power, that readers are calling “addictive” and “spellbinding” when you scroll up and click to start reading.