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Suburban Luchador: Tales From the Burb Side

His minivan is his chariot and his mower is his weapon.
Enter the world of the Suburban Luchador, suburbia’s favorite underdog, father, husband… hero.

Meet the man who’s making minivans, mowing and mortgages sexy again. He’s the every day, luchador mask-wearing, suburban family man who’s anything but common. In Suburban Luchador: Tales from the Burb Side, author Philip Rivera turns his ordinary family, marriage and teaching scenarios into offbeat and humorous slice of life stories.

Whether he’s commenting on the Dollar Store’s newfound item of the month: rib eye steak, describing a bath time mishap involving rogue poop and a rhinoceros, or reliving an innocent video game challenge with his wife which gave her PTSD-like symptoms, he’s as skilled at painting vivid “everyman’s life” scenes as he is at being an overzealous neighborhood vigilante.

For every suburban, urban, village or hamlet underdog out there wondering, “Does anyone else imagine these things?” – this is a whimsical and humorous look at common experiences we can all relate to. Who is the Suburban Luchador, you ask? He is all of us. And these are our tales of glory!