Strategy Six Pack 3 – Sea Power, Xerxes, Joan of Arc, Elements of Military Art and Science, Andrew Jackson, Aircrafts and Submarines (Illustrated)

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”
– Michael Porter.

Strategy Six Pack 3 presents a classic sextet of tactical texts:

Sea Power by Cyprian Bridge
Xerxes by Jacob Abbott
Joan of Arc by Edward Shepherd Creasy
Elements of Military Art and Science by H. W. Halleck
Andrew Jackson by William Garrott Brown
Aircraft and Submarines by Willis J. Abbot

Halleck’s Elements of Military Art and Science is a timeless manual that is required reading in military schools. There is also Sea Power by Cyprian Bridge and Willis J. Abbot’s Aircraft and Submarines, the definitive work on early pre-World War I flying machines, an aviation buff’s delight. Plus a look at Joan of Arc’s defeat of the English at Orleans, a biography of Old Hickory, President Andrew Jackson and a study of Xerxes, the infamous Persian potentate who invaded Greece in 480 BC with an army of five million.

“I am not afraid… I was born to do this.”
– Joan of Arc.

Includes image gallery.

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