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Sex: Sex Positions That Will Change Your Life Forever (Sex guide, sex books, positions, kamasutra, sex, playbook Book 1)

This book has lots of amazing sex positions that will catapult your sex life to the next level.

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Is your sex life getting boring? Are you using the same old drab sex positions every time? Is your sex life not stimulating enough? If you are in the ‘yes’ to these questions bracket, you will be happy to know that this is not a new thing and most partners experience this all the time.

Even so, you cannot be content with the same old thing because if you comply to this, your sex life will eventually be, you guessed it, nonexistent. This sex guide provides an illustrated roadmap to bedroom adventures because if we are being truthful, it never hurts to learn new tricks.

As you may very well know (If you do not know, you can use your imagination), there are various categories of sexual positions. These include the following: Sitting positions, Kneeling positions, Man on top and woman on top positions, Tantric sex, Side by side sex position, Rear entry, Standing position, and Adventurous sex positions.

This book delves into many of these sex positions categories and guides you through experimenting with each category. Get cozy as the guide takes you through surefire sexual positions that upon practicing will leave you satisfied beyond imagination.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Man on Top Sex Positions
  • Woman on Top Sex Positions
  • Illustrated Guide to Great Sex
  • Standing Sex Positions
  • Kneeling Sex Positions
  • Side-By-Side Sex Positions
  • And much, much

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