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QUANTUM Civil War: (Book 1)

A lifetime lived in under a minute? Impossible, everyone thought.
Until now…
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An Opamari scientist has found away. By cloning a subject and sending the clone back in time, the subject can live the clone’s entire life in less than a minute of sleep. But all actions have consequences. Playing with the past can be disastrous for the present.

When a ruthless tycoon steals the technology, the future of the galaxy is at risk. Will humans, after being slaughtered by the Opamari more than 50,000 years before, be resurrected by the tycoon’s actions?

If you love sci-fi, time travel, and historical fiction, this first book of the Quantum saga will keep you burning through the pages late into the night! Get your copy today and get reading!

What are readers saying about this awesome series?
–you can’t put the book down–
— I have read all of Mr. Arseneault’s books and I will continue to read them as long as he keeps writing.–
–what follows is not only one of the best reads I’ve had in along time but has left me very impatient for the next book.–
–This book is one of those unique Sci-Fi books that you look for, the ones that present something totally new, something that makes you think, wonder, question, and get excited. The kid that says, “What happens next? I have to know???”–
–Wonderfully written, fully developed characters that you truly care what happens to, totally relatable, and it is a page-turner from the beginning to the very end.–
–Buy this book! Read this book! Tell your friends to check it out.–