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Prescient (Delphi Chronicles Book 1)

The Terminator meets Zombieland.

“A new twist on time travel dystopia.” ★★★★★
“On edge of seat till 2am. Mindblowing.” ★★★★★
“There is nothing same-old about this story.” ★★★★★

I can see the future. But I can’t stop the apocalypse.
It can’t be real, can it?

Each time I slip into the future, I bring back more proof.
Humanity is on the brink of a genetically-engineered apocalypse.

⌛ Bodies rotting in the streets.
⌛ Wilderness eating away at my hometown.
⌛ Zombies hunting down the few survivors.

I’m the only one who can stop it.

Because for me, it hasn’t even happened yet.
For me, it might never happen.
I’m on my own, but I have a plan.

All I need to do is kill the man who will destroy the world.
The father of my high-school crush.
Before he figures out I’m on to him.
And time’s running out.

Prophet of Doom is a young adult science fiction adventure for fans of the Maze Runner and Divergent. Let yourself be captured by this zombie-infested time travel adventure based on Greek mythology.

“A Netflix series-worthy tale that doesn’t let up – this crazy ride is full of twists and turns while remaining understandable and relatable. I can’t wait for book two!” ★★★★★

“Smart, thorough and entertaining. The storyline driven characters draw you in and you don’t want it to end.” ★★★★★