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Lynna’s Rogue (Curse of the Conjure Woman Book 1)

Lynna Rhodes has lived the life of a sheltered recluse for eighteen years. When her father announces that she will be sailing to America on the next high tide to live with his sister on a cotton plantation in Savannah, Georgia, the young heiress is happy to leave her loneliness in the ships wake. Her happiness quickly turns to ecstasy when she meets the dashing Captain Joshua Jordan.
In the weeks that follow, life on the Windjammer is filled with the stuff that dreams are made of, until a swarthy pirate captain, rumored to be the most vicious swashbuckler to ever plunder and pillage the seven seas (and with an ax to grind against Captain Jordan) kidnaps Lynna in hopes of destroying their happily ever after, and keeping the exquisite beauty for himself.
Can Joshua find the pirate’s hideout and rescue Lynna before it’s too late?