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Inquest: Book One of The Destroyer Trilogy

Her mom has disowned her. Her boyfriend tried to kill her. Her best friend is pretending she doesn’t exist. Oh yeah, and the entire world hates her. Literally. Happy sweet sixteen, Libby Sparks.

Not exactly an ideal birthday, but it’s pretty much what Libby was expecting when she showed up for her mandatory Inquest. Trying to run crossed her mind, but being hunted down by the Guardians…again, didn’t really sound much better than dying.

Having all seven talents marks Libby as one person capable of destroying the world, so it’s no big surprise when she ends up with a Guardian blade at her throat. What is a surprise is being spared in order to become a pawn of the most ruthless Guardian of them all. Play nice, hide her powers, and he’ll let her live until her eighteenth birthday, when her full powers unlock. Sounds like a pretty good plan until the life of her one remaining friend, Milo, is threatened and she’s forced to choose.
Abandon her friend to save her own life or embrace her destiny and truly become the Destroyer.