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I Need You

What happens when an Angel meets a devilishly handsome police officer? Passions erupt, personalities clash and tempers flare and in an explosive new series by Lucia Jordan.

Angelica Dupree has not had what people would call an easy life. As a baby, she was abandoned on the front steps of a fire station. She was then placed into the foster system and bounced around from one home to another. When she was sixteen, she was placed in a group home. She’s never known what it was like to be loved and at a very young age, she developed a tough shell. With a fiery temper and a razor sharp tongue, Angel has always had a hard time keeping her sarcasm in check. After aging out—at eighteen—she was on her own, and like most misguided youth, she fell into the wrong crowd.

Now, thirteen years later, her life is finally on track. The ghosts from her past are chasing her. Her luck goes from bad to worse when a mishap lands her directly in the line of Jordan Ary, a smug, arrogant and devilishly handsome cop that pushes her patience to the limit. However, there is more to Officer Ary that meets the eye and she finds the more she tries to push him away, the harder he comes.​