FUBAR & Fur Rugs: Invictus Security Series: Book One

Navy SEAL team leader Lieutenant Jacob Asher ‘Ice’ Pierce knew firsthand how deceitful and treacherous women could be. He was not interested in hooking up with a woman so desperate that she sent emails to a man she had never even met. At least he hadn’t been until he actually read them. After that, he couldn’t wait to meet her.

And make love to her on a fur rug in front of a fire.

Catherine ‘Cat Lady’ Barker was not looking for romance when she signed up for the Adopt A Soldier program. She already knew what it was like to love a military man, so the last thing she intended was to get involved with a SEAL. But Ashe was everything she wanted in a man, so falling in love with him was the easy part.

Everything that happened after that was a total FUBAR!

Series Reading Order:
1 – FUBAR & Fur Rugs
2 – Steel Balls & Stilettos
3 – Romance Novels & RPGs
4 – Raven’s Redemption
5 – Shitkickers & Satin Sheets (Coming Soon)

Or the boxed sets:
Invictus Security Volume One – FUBAR & Fur Rugs and Steel Balls & Stilettos
Invictus Security Volume Two – Romance Novels & RPGs and Raven’s Redemption

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