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Fling to Forever (Finding Forever Book 1)

From author Amali Rose comes Fling to Forever, a sizzling tale of chances worth taking.

It’s not that Skye Emery doesn’t believe in true love. She simply feels it’s better placed on the pages of the books at the bookstore/coffee shop she manages, than in her real life. She witnessed first hand the devastation of love gone wrong, and is more than content to keep all men at an arm’s distance. Why risk her heart when she can snuggle in with a steamy novel and pint of ice cream?

All that changes when Ben Mackinnon strolls into her life, easily charming her with his confidence and humor. The sexy, reformed ladies-man has a complicated past of his own, yet still manages to entice her with his magnetic blend of sweet sincerity and dirty talking dominance.

As the pair fall fast and hard for each other, Skye begins to think she’s on the path to her own happily ever after. But when ghosts from Ben’s troubled past rear their ugly head, he lashes out to drive her away. Reeling from his outburst, Skye is torn. Should she run to protect her bruised heart, or fight for the only man she’s ever truly loved?

Book 1 in a STANDALONE series.

Author’s note: This book was previously published as Under The Cherry Blossoms. Only the title and cover have been changed. All other content remains the same.