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First Kisses: a Book+Main Bites anthology


Embark on thirty-nine scenes of first kisses from favorite romance authors in a multitude of genres.
From Dukes to Highlanders, Shifters to Vampires and a variety of genres in between, binge on these unforgettable first kiss moments, and experience the euphoria that only that first touch of the lips can bring.

Read a Bite from your tried and true favorites, or delve into a new author’s world and become hooked.

This Book+Main Bites anthology is meant to introduce readers to new authors through their words.

**Contributing authors**

Ally Summers· B. Cranford· Becky McGraw· Brinda Berry· Candace Sams
Cara McKinnon· Carrie Ann Ryan· Carrie Pulkinen· Cate Dean· Chelle Bliss
Christa Paige· Collette Cameron· D.D. Miers· Dylan Allen· Elle Christensen
Felicity Brandon· Graceley Knox· H.Q. Frost· Jacki Delecki· Joanne Wadsworth Juliette Cross· Kate Canterbary· KC Lynn· Kristen Proby (Featuring an excerpt from the 1001 Dark Nights collection)· Lauren Rowe· Lee Savino & Renee Rose· M. Piper Marie Force· MC D’Alton & Melanie Page· Monica Burns· Nadine Mutas
Pandora Spocks· Patricia Rasey· Rosanna Leo· Sawyer Bennett· Sorcha Mowbray

Tia Louise· Tish Thawer· Willow Winters