Discoveries: Voyages of Fortune Book Zero (An Historical Fantasy Time-Travel Adventure)

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An enslaved angel. A forsaken demon. A Key with the power to wreak ultimate vengeance.

Malka’s epic quest to protect the Fragment and fight the demonic forces of the Urumi has ended. But life goes on for her and her band as they set off on different paths, linked by time and destiny in this novella of eight short stories, set in the Keepers of the Stone universe:

August 1887 – Malka awakens believing she is in the afterlife. She learns the shocking truth about her Goddess’s identity and the cruel fate that now awaits her.
October 1887 – Alone in a dark cave, a scarred Bozhena is about to end it all. She receives a mysterious note from a total stranger. One that gives her new hope – to begin her final revenge on the Urumi’s demonic Order and the world.
November 1887 – Henry discovers the tragic tale of Natalia’s parents. But it’s what he doesn’t know that could have frightening implications for the fate of Golden Fingers’ camp.
January 1898 – An unknown girl is playing in a ruined castle. She discovers a new supernatural artifact. One entrusted to her by a nobleman caught in a mystic political struggle centuries in the past. Her life is changed forever.
December 1989 – Liza betrays her true nature as a shapeshifter to play a pivotal role in a watershed event of European history. Will she be able to find the courage to confront the horrible consequences and trust again in the human race?
November 2002 – The marooned son of a drug smuggler discovers a supernatural tall ship on a deserted tropical island. A mysterious girl is living on board. Six months later, a shapeshifting cheetah, disgruntled with the realities of urban life, agrees to join their crew of pirates. But can they trust the ship’s enigmatic master?

Their paths will cross in Voyages of Fortune: an action-packed, time-travel adventure of self-discovery, as they search for their place in life, while caught in the throes of a thrilling supernatural political gambit that links a castle in the European Middle Ages with a pirate ship on the high seas of 21st century Asia.

Sometimes our closest allies turn out to be our most threatening enemies.

Voyages of Fortune is the sequel trilogy to the Keepers of the Stone fantasy adventure series. It tells the story of an unlikely group of travelers that spans the ages as they are caught in the supernatural thrills and temptations of a power-play that began centuries ago. They must come to terms with the hidden truths of their own pasts as they attempt to come of age in a world where no one’s intentions are as they seem, and where time is not always on their side. An enthralling tale that pushes the boundaries of what we can accomplish.

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-Shapeshifters & Demons
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-Fantasy trilogy prequel
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