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Destination Roswell: …the unquiet skies (Alien Invasion Series Book 0)

Long before the secrecy of Area 51 there was Roswell – where it all began.
Was it a flying saucer, a weather balloon or the start of an Invasion?

On a planet far, far, far away, the advanced inhabitants of Ch’un face an event of apocalyptic proportions. Total and overwhelming invasion by an unseen yet indestructible enemy. A single Ch’uni ship manages to flee the catastrophic events and escape for the far regions of the Great Spiral Galaxy and the small solar system at the edge housing the blue planet: their destination.
Will they arrive in one piece?
Will the natives of the blue planet accept them?
Are the really free of the invasive form that travels the known Universe in search of worlds to conquer?

Destination Roswell. The exciting prequel to the exciting new series the “Incident at Roswell: Rumors of Invasion” and discover what really happened on the New Mexico plains in 1947!

In the style and intrigue of the X Files, War of the Worlds, The Invaders.
Alien Invasion, sci fi at its best.