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Crafting Story: A Guide for the Emerging Writer

Navigate common pitfalls on your writing journey with provocative strategies such as natural writing forces, making (not finding) time to write, and nurturing your writer self. Learn the importance of owning your writer identity, and why embracing your identity can make all the difference in the journey, whatever the ultimate destination.

Crafting Story is a series of guides by writing coach and author Kate Johnston for those who want to make writing a successful part of their lives. Complementing each chapter is a mini journal comprised of writing workouts designed to inspire your creative intentions and encourage you to begin your writing quest.

Honest & motivational, Kate Johnston shows that with belief, hard work, and a little bit of ferocity, any writer can fit the craft into their lives so that they can write successfully with confidence, joy, and rumbling creativity.

A Guide for the Emerging Writer is volume 1 of Kate Johnston’s Crafting Story series. Continue blazing the trail to your writing dream with her other guides: A Guide for the Productive Writer (2), A Guide for the Confident Writer (3), A Guide for the Strategic Writer (4), and A Guide for the Story Mapping Writer (5).