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2019-08-20 17:38:36 UTC

Competency standards for the technical professional in automotive mechanics

The National System of Evaluation, Accreditation and Certification of Educational Quality (Sineace) makes available to institutions, interested technical professionals and the general public the Technical Standards for the Certification of Competencies of the technical professional in automotive mechanics, which were developed by technical commissions of sector experts.

These standards aim to establish the required quality standards to certify the professional skills of people who received technical training in institutes of technology. Thus, it is assured that institutions and companies of the sector have the suitable personnel that can carry out automotive mechanic tasks, according to current international standards.

The standards contain three competency units, nine competency elements, performance criteria and learning evidence, which together represent one of the fundamental tools so that the authorized certifying entities can execute rigorous, clear and quality certification processes, in accordance with provisions that regulate their operation.

By publishing these standards, we emphasize the commitment to improve the quality of education and the development of the country, fostering an ongoing evaluation culture. At the same time, Sineace states its willingness to keep on improving its duties with the participation of citizens and interested entities.