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Brute: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Dark Vultures MC Book 1)

The brute only saved me so he could break me.

I woke up in a strange city with no memory of how I got there.
The biker found me, and took me in.
But this motorcycle club is no safe haven.
And there’s a devil coming after me… determined to drag me to hell.


I remember my name, but nothing else.
And even if I didn’t already have amnesia, the outlaw brute’s burning eyes would have wiped my mind blank.

When I’m looking into those dark irises, there’s only him.
Tall. Raw. Tatted. Powerful.
Staring back and owning me with just a glance.

Rascal never asked to be the man I turned to for answers.
But something in my gut tells me I can trust him – even though his leather kutte and cocky swagger tell me I should be running in the other direction.

I need him in more ways than I know.
And after a night spent bending for him – serving him – begging him for just one more touch – it seems like I’ve lost everything…
Only to find where I’m truly meant to be.

But this unlikely paradise is about to come crashing down around me.
Because there’s someone else out there.
Chasing me. Hunting me.
And the phantoms of my past won’t until they’ve consumed us all:

And the baby in my belly.

Brute is book 1 of the Dark Vultures MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Curvy for Brute and Bent for Brute are available everywhere now!