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Breathless (For The Billionaire Book 1)

Good evening ladies (and gentlemen)! I’m Evelyn. I’ll be your pilot for the evening. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight. Smoking IS NOT prohibited, for when this steamy flight is concluded, you may need a cigarette or two to relax!

This is your first flight? Well, allow me to spin a yarn about a friend of mine, Natasha Yancey:

Friday night. Ballroom. Charity auction.

Stir in one sexy black dress from a now maxed out credit card.

Pour in a few ladles of top shelf champagne flowing all night long.

Whisk one irresistible billionaire who’s had his eyes on her since she sat down.

…and what you get is one scintillating night of bad decisions and a morning full of head-spinning unanswered questions.

But what took place after was beyond Natasha’s most insatiable desires. Just what exactly did billionaire Victor St. James have in store for her?

I hope you enjoy the flight. Please buckle up, as there may be a few twists and turns along the way. And if you experience any heavy breathing, please use the oxygen mask above. This flight may leave you…breathless.

This is Part One of the series!

This 23,000+ word erotic romance novella contains adult content! 18+ only!