Biblical Church Meetings (Christian Discipleship Series Book 19)

Many contemporary churches today have two or three Sunday morning services, with each service allowed a one-hour program. Everyone who attends the service knows the program: first the band plays “worship” music; next there are church announcements; then the tithes and offerings are collected while the band plays some more; then the pastor gives his sermon (the same one to all three services); finally, a closing prayer is given, followed by the band playing once again. There is neither freedom nor time allowed in the sixty minute service for the Holy Spirit to lead the church any differently from this rigid and pre-planned program. The meeting is so predictable and boring, it is no wonder that some people are napping, while others are texting or thinking about what they are going to have for lunch. If you think that church is spiritually dead, you are right. It should make any sane and Spirit-filled believer wonder, “Is this all there is? Is this all God has ordained and given us?” The emphatic answer is: “Absolutely not! God has given us far more than is being exhibited in the average church service today!” This eBook reveals how God intends His church to spiritually, creatively and practically meet together under the headship of Christ.

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