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Beautifully Sinful: A Steamy Alpha Romance  Sinful Series Book One

Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance

When these two collide, the results are shockingly steamy.

Hillary has made it her mission to fight the company that has just purchased a restaurant she works for. She is dealing with a prick instead of a culinary genius of an owner. To make matters worse, he’s the picture of drop-dead sexiness and it’s pretty clear that’s what has allowed him to behave like an utter bastard for most of his career. That isn’t going to work with her, but it’s driving her crazy.

Robert is following in his father’s footsteps. Robert’s father expects him to fall right in line with the company plans. He doesn’t like that at all, because he is tired of taking amazing, independent restaurants and turning them into hollow corporate money-making machines. The only way to manage it is to hold your nose, but how can he do that when he encounters a girl like Hillary, intent on fighting him every step of the way?

Hillary can’t stop thinking about how sexy Robert is.
And why can’t Robert stop fixating on the beautiful woman treating him with such disdain?

Hillary has worked for everything in her life, and she’s worked hard. Robert is doing all he can to forget that his name makes him a billionaire. They have nothing in common except for their dislike for each other.

Whenever the two of them are alone, their clothes end up on the floor. Beautifully Sinful.

Author’s Note: This book is the first in a series, to be continued.