Beacon – Part II (Beacon Saga Serial Book 2)


Everything ends at Beacon. Everything falls. Now Tersias and Mally have a chance to change that–if they can survive.

What should be wondrous news has rocked the fleet, sparking suspicion and acts of desperation. Against a backdrop of escalating tension in the orbital layers, Mally contends with the growing jealousy of a barren people, while Tersias helps Shiplord Nastron assemble a special crew–from some of Beacon’s most infamous aliens. But soon, terrible choices will be made in the name of preserving the peace, and a young family will find themselves torn from each other.

A serial installment of twelve thousand words, more than twice the length of Part I. Continue the Saga in Part III (fourteen thousand words), or in The Complete Beacon Saga (and save off buying individual installments).

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