Balance of Power: Letting Go

What happens when a woman who has learned to control everything to compete in a man’s world is shaken by desire?

Lucy’s success has come through her absolutely unshakable work ethic and her outward confidence at all times. Every word and action is calculated and she commands the respect of her colleagues in her marketing firm. The first to arrive and the last to leave; Lucy is the picture of hard-earned success and she intends to maintain that image at all costs. When a typical interview catches her off guard, she begins to question whether she is still in control of the situation. What is disconcerting at first takes a completely unexpected turn and Lucy is left reeling trying to figure out where to go next. A battle rages inside of her between the power and control she thought she had mastered and her new desire for another’s control.

Trina and Alan Austin are national award winning authors now writing erotic fiction under new pen names and outside of Alan’s established publication outlet in order to delve into some of their deepest desires and fantasies. They are both authors who enjoy the wilder side of life and leverage some of their own experiences along with a healthy dose of imagination to heat things up in their writing.

Trina and Alan enjoy sharing their wildest fantasies and using their short stories as vehicle to share them with others. It is their hope that these short stories can bring some excitement to others!

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