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Adrenaline Jake: Jake & Maddox (Jake & Maddox novella Book 1)

It’s the adrenaline high that makes him do it.
It’s an addiction.
Steal a wallet from a man with biceps the size of melons?
No problem.
A wristwatch from a corporate rich guy?
But a diamond from a Mafia Boss?
That’s where Jake meets his match.

Maddox is cold, ruthless and intimidates the very air he stands in.
He gets Jake’s heart pumping, and his adrenaline flowing like never before.
He’s not expecting both to combine into arousal but being at Maddox’s mercy is the high he’s been searching for.

For the first time, Jake wants to be caught.
Caught and kept.

Contains M/M sex and darker themes.

*Completed series*
Adrenaline Jake #1
Mad Dog Maddox #2
Festive Dog #2.5
Fire and Sand #3
Jealous Dog #3.5
Guns and Shadows #4
Diamond in the Rough #5