20 Superfoods To Save Your Health And Your Life – The Inconvenient Truth About Modern Nutrition

Are you looking for a quick, low-effort way to shed your extra pounds? Do you want to improve your health while enjoying delicious home prepared meals?

Super foods is the way for you! Here are the top twenty super foods, with all their benefits and simple recommendations for adding more nutrients to your daily diet.

These foods are guaranteed to improve your health, boost your immune system, flush your liver and kidneys of toxins and support your nerves and cardiovascular system to operate optimally.

As well as finding out all the benefits of our favorite super foods you will also learn about:

– Nutrition versus convenience
– Eating habits are the problem
– Junk food
– The Obesity Epidemic
– Complex versus Simple Carbohydrates
– The Value of Quality Protein
– Necessary Fats
– Why Eat Super Foods
– Adding Super Foods to your Meals
– Recipe Ideas

Don’t wait until it’s too late, improve your health today! Reverse the damage done by processed foods and build your body back to health. Live longer and have loads of energy to accomplish all you want to, with Super Foods!

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